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About The Eatinerant

The Eatinerant is running a coliving in Italy, close to Rome. Coliving is going under The Eatinerant brand - food retreats for digital nomads and location independent professionals. Our idea is bonding people through good food and connecting a community of people that enjoy simple things in life - outdoor activities, nature, like-minded community and of course good food

The Eatinerant's latest reviews

Nina S. Dec 2023 3.00

I had high hopes for a lively and communal living experience, but I unfortunately found the reality quite different. The host spends a significant amount of time on promotion rather than hosting duties, and the maintenance of the space, particularly the cleanliness of common areas and restrooms, did not meet my expectations.

There seemed to be a lack of organized activities to foster a sense of community, which was disappointing. The host doesn't reside onsite and their appearances were infrequent, which resulted in less-than-ideal communication with the community manager.

For those seeking a remote and quiet stay without much emphasis on hospitality, this coliving might suit your tastes. However, if you're looking for an attentive host and a vibrant community life, you may need to keep looking.

Nadene R Dec 2023 5.00

I had an incredible experience at this coliving space. It's one of the most social environments I've ever encountered, allowing you to interact as much as you want. The staff are truly outstanding and made me feel right at home. I'm eagerly looking forward to returning for another stay.

Mert A Jul 2023 5.00

Amazing house with a spacious garden. The other people in this coliving are very like-minded and hand-picked. Definitely will stay there again.

Mathilde R. Jul 2023 5.00

I spent three months in the coliving and let me say it was amazing !! The food was absolutely incredible and the place was great! I met there some amazing people that I'll never forget about! 10 out of 10! Would definitely recommend it!
(and special thanks to Francesco, Ola, and Fede to make this place feels like home)

Mathilde R Jul 2023 5.00

I stayed for 3 months at this coliving and it was an amazing experience! The food was absolutely incredible and the atmosphere was great. I met some wonderful people that I will never forget. 10 out of 10, would highly recommend! Special thanks to Francesco, Ola, and Fede for making this place feel like home.

Ana K Apr 2023 5.00

Life in this coliving is a wonderful experience!
An amazing team who share with generosity: special moments, cultural experiences, a lot of food discoveries, fun activities. And then, most importantly, I met incredible people from all around the world, it was a beautiful human and friendly experience! Test it and enjoy :)

Gerard Apr 2023 5.00

Amazing villa and an even better community. Stayed for 1 month in my first coliving experience and it was wonderful!

Gayna Apr 2023 5.00

The host really set a high bar for coliving! This was my first coliving experience and I'm glad I started with the best. I stayed for 2 weeks in this gorgeous villa in Capranica - thought it would be enough time but it flew by so quickly. Francesco, Ola, and Fede went out of their way to make sure we had the best experience by organizing trips, activities and cooking for us which is the best part! This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to be immersed in Italian culture while still getting some work done. I highly recommend!

Aditya S Apr 2023 5.00

I lived for a month at this coliving, and it was one of the best months I have experienced in recent years. The villa is exceptional, surrounded by nature. The living experience gets even better with all the delicious Italian food and events organized by Fede and Ola. I made friends here that I know I will stay in touch with for a long time. I would absolutely love to visit again.

Anja E Mar 2023 5.00

Stayed for a month, loved the cozy house style, great connections and super nice garden, cute cats - will miss it!

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