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About Alt_ Coliving

Alt_ Coliving has 27 ensuite rooms in a newly designed and built coworking & coliving space in the Old City of Chiangmai. The space is fully furnished with weekly housekeeping service, simple breakfast and plenty of common area to share with other residents. A working desk with high speed Wi-Fi is included in the coworking area 24/7. We also have regular activities for residents to participate inside the property and in the city of Chiangmai. It is perfect for digital nomads and remote workers.

The space:
Queen size bed, private bathroom with hot shower, spacious outdoor garden and great coffee at cafe. Coworking facilities also include phone booths, meeting room, office amenities etc.
Guest access:
Parking is available right next to the property. You can walk out and easily find restaurants, cafes, convenient stores and many shops nearby. Airport is 7 mins away by taxi.

Alt_ Coliving's latest reviews

Rami B May 2024 5.00

I came for the live music show. The atmosphere was good from what I sensed, with great music and a nice common area.

Shamblesguru S Mar 2024 4.00

I recently had a small meeting with 8 people and we decided to use the kitchen area on the first floor for it. I was really pleased with the setup as it had air conditioning and a wall-mounted TV screen, which was perfect for our presentation. Plus, it was quiet, allowing us to focus and have productive discussions without any interruptions.

L W Mar 2024 5.00

I had such an amazing experience with the lovely community and beautiful space nestled in a serene setting. The level of community management truly impressed me, with a plethora of activities available but nothing felt forced. The food was absolutely incredible, and I found the coconut coffees dangerously addictive. Plus, the recent upgrade to the WiFi made my online tasks nice and smooth.

I appreciated the mix of open spaces, along with areas designed for louder collaboration and quieter work. This created a really productive yet relaxed atmosphere that suited my needs perfectly.

I'll definitely be returning for another stay of at least a month to soak up more of this wonderful coliving experience.

Derrick S Mar 2024 5.00

I recently stayed in Chiang Mai, and I must say, it provided a premium coliving and coworking experience that far exceeded my expectations. What stood out to me was the quality community of nomads it attracts. If you're on the lookout for a place that caters to living well, working efficiently, and fostering deep, meaningful connections with like-minded world travelers, this is undoubtedly the spot to be.

The staff here are simply incredible. They put in every effort to cultivate a welcoming community atmosphere and are always ready to lend a hand. A special shoutout to AP for going above and beyond in accommodating some of my requests – it truly enhanced my experience. The commitment to ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment did not go unnoticed. I'm grateful for the exceptional hospitality and the new friendships that have enriched my time here.

Candela T Mar 2024 5.00

My time in Chiang Mai was made all the more memorable thanks to the coliving community. Finding a place that combines work and comfort seemed daunting until I landed here. For a month, my spot in the coworking area became my second home, despite not residing in the living quarters.

What really sets this place apart aren't just the pristine, modern facilities but the people who breathe life into the day-to-day. A warm thank you to Fang, Ap, Amy, and Pae - your exceptional kindness and readiness to assist didn't go unnoticed. Pae, in particular, has become a cherished friend.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and am eager to return. If you're considering a coliving and coworking space that feels like a community, look no further.

Dave K Mar 2024 5.00

I stayed here for a month and I absolutely loved the place. It was spotlessly clean, which made it so easy to get my work done but also to make friends. The facilities were excellent and the location is fantastic, close to a great Muay Thai gym and some really good restaurants. On top of all that, the staff were amazing. A big thank you to Fang, Pae, Amy, AP, G, Aod, Teya, and Jack! I'll see you all again soon!

Lukáš M Mar 2024 5.00

I've had an amazing time here working remotely; it's definitely one of the best places in the area. I stayed for a month and just couldn't leave, so I kept coming back for monthly coworking passes as I extended my stay.

There's a perfect balance here, whether you need to knuckle down on a project or feel like mingling with others—there's always someone to connect with, or you can find a quiet room or call booth for some peace.

The community events add so much value, like the weekly family meetings, ice baths, and yoga sessions. There's truly something for everyone.

I also want to give a shoutout to the chairs—they're fantastic! After traveling and working from various locations, having a comfortable chair makes a world of difference.

The staff here are incredibly supportive and always ready to help, no matter how busy they may seem. They always find time to answer your questions with a smile.

This place has really become a home away from home for me.

Jirunya T Mar 2024 5.00

I had a wonderful time at this coliving space! It's well designed and decorated, giving a homely feel rather than an office vibe. The seating is comfortable and ergonomic. The lovely backyard offers an ideal escape from the outside world, a peaceful place to relax. The staff members here are professional, friendly, and incredibly helpful. Pae, in particular, stood out with her cool personality, always ensuring I had everything I needed, often before I even realized I needed it. Thanks to everyone for such a great experience!

James S Mar 2024 5.00

I had an amazing stay in Chiang Mai and highly recommend it. A colleague who enjoyed their experience here introduced me to this place.

The living quarters and coworking spaces are top-notch, clean, and comfortable. You can tell there was a lot of thought and care put into their design.

There's a strong sense of community, almost like a family. We kick off the week with a family meeting, have events throughout the week, like ice baths, and use a group chat to stay connected. Everyone here is friendly and involved in something interesting.

The staff, including Feng, AP, Amy, Pae, G, and others, are all incredibly welcoming, supportive, and fun to be around.

The owner is deeply committed to the community and, though I'm hesitant to admit, a very skilled ping pong player. Overall, I felt right at home and thoroughly enjoyed the balance of work and social interaction.

Atchara S Feb 2024 5.00

I recently visited this coliving space, and I was thoroughly impressed. The staff member who assisted me during my evening tour was exceptionally helpful. He showed me around, introducing the amenities and the layout, which I found to be well-designed and conducive to both living and working.

Even though it was just an inquiry about accommodations, I had such a positive experience that I intend to stay here in the future.

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