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Cooliving is living with your friends by sharing a property fully adapted to your needs and your daily life. It is an affinity life experience

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Aurélien G Oct 2023 5.00

Upon arriving in a new place, I was quite anxious and expected to find myself bored. However, my discovery of this coliving space turned everything around. The concept is fantastic; we share great times together, whether it's during sports activities, cooking in the fully-equipped kitchen, in the evenings, or even while putting together fun, mock weddings! I highly recommend this coliving experience to anyone who enjoys shared living and community activities. It's an amazing way to connect and make lasting memories.

Adrien L Oct 2023 5.00

If you ever find yourself in Pau and are feeling anxious or stressed, I have the perfect solution for you: come live at this coliving! I've been living here for over a year and a half now and my life has become wonderful. I sleep better (the beds are extremely comfortable and the rooms are well-insulated so you can't hear your neighbors), I never get bored (living with such an amazing community, it's impossible to be bored), I can hear birds singing again (I'm from Paris so this was new to me) and the hosts are fantastic (they have a great team). Everything is organized perfectly by skilled hands. This is truly living my best life, thank you coliving for everything.

Jerome C Sep 2023 5.00

Very good coliving system, it is quite reliable, I definitely recommend it. 😁

V. P Sep 2023 5.00

Where to start? This coliving experience was AMAZING. It was the best decision I could have made, arriving in a city where I didn't know anyone and far from my loved ones... Meeting people who were strangers at first but became like family in just 15 days.
This coliving is more than just sharing a living space, it's about smiles, confidences, laughter, sharing, cohesion, activities, wild parties, memories and daily sunshine that warms our hearts. My heart.
Shout out to my Juliette (my sweet Juliette), without whom I wouldn't have become the real me... (Medhi,Tibo,Célin,Raf,Yus,Nono,Majette,Aga and future roommates ♥️)
Also shout out to the Cooliving team - ALL of them - with a special mention for Lawrine who helped me land in the best coliving 😇. Wink for you too Medhi 😉
Shout out to the houses which are just AMAZIIIIIIIING! 🤩
Don't hesitate any longer - come join us! I assure won't be disappointed!

Christophe C Sep 2023 5.00

More than just a coliving experience! It's like being part of a small family, no wait...a big family!!! And the team at this coliving is amazing!! I will definitely be back soon!

Charlotte F Aug 2023 5.00

This coliving has become a second family for me. It's been an incredible adventure where I've made some great connections. If you're still hesitant about applying, don't be - you'll have a great time here!

David M Aug 2023 5.00

This coliving is like a second family. Thank you for these three years of wonderful colocation! See you soon!

Nathalie C Jul 2023 5.00

This coliving is filled with cool people! 👍

Ophélie C Jun 2023 5.00

Arrival in Pau to join my boyfriend at the time. 1 month later I get dumped and I find myself stupid, in a city that I don't know that much.
And there, a genius idea! What if I did coliving?
I think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.
The spaces in the houses are incredible, the team is great and the roommates let's not even mention it. In a short time, I created lifelong memories. This coliving is a big family and everything is multiplied x1000! You will always find someone to do something with you, to talk to, to support you. And if you need to be alone, that's also possible.
For nothing in the world I would make any other decision than to live here!
I live a completely intense life.
Thank you for everything!

Croit P Jun 2023 5.00

A great concept! There are beautiful spaces, the decor is simple and pleasant.
Definitely a choice to make when looking for a dynamic and easy coliving experience!

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