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About Destination Hostels Coliving

We host a community of surfers, freelancers, artists, free spirits, and digital nomads. Happy humans that are interested in nature, traveling, nice atmosphere, and sharing experiences. All our units have co-working spaces and co-living activities. We offer many experiences to our community, such as tours, surf classes, cooking classes, yoga, and much more.

Destination Hostels Coliving's latest reviews

Rui B Jun 2024 5.00

Denise and Rui,

Everything was great and very well organized.

It's the little things that make a big difference. I was offered hot chocolate, and Lura's care in picking up the pillows and cushions when I was sitting near the pool was something very important and special to me. Thank you 🙏 All the attention provided was simply impeccable and really appreciated!

We loved it, thank you 🙏

Shanti S Jun 2024 5.00

Everyone was so nice, and the amenities were as expected. One night, they offered us wine and a good time. The staff is incredibly friendly, especially Lura. We chose to stay in the private camper, and it was so comfortable for the two of us. During the starry nights, we would go up on the roof. I would 100% recommend staying here.

Diogo S May 2024 5.00

The room was clean, the view was amazing, the atmosphere was relaxed, and the guests were friendly. I will definitely come back.

arian F May 2024 5.00

I found the people here incredibly nice and kind, making the whole experience very welcoming. Everything was fresh and tidy, which I appreciated. The pool and the small terrace provided a perfect spot for yoga, even allowing me to watch the tide. Absolutely great stay!

Louis F. May 2024 4.00

I found the location to be fantastic, really close to the beach and some nice walks. The surrounding area offered a lot to enjoy. However, I feel it's a stretch to label this place as coliving since it's missing quite a few communal areas, especially indoors. There's no sofa, the kitchen is small, and there isn't even a real table inside to eat at.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy my stay for a month, and it's a decent option for those looking to work remotely. But, in my opinion, it might not fully fit the typical coliving criteria.

On a brighter note, the team here is incredibly friendly and nice, which definitely enhanced my experience.

Luan O Nov 2023 5.00

I had an excellent time during my stay! The coworking space was fantastic – truly the cherry on top. Having access to a pool and yoga lessons was an added bonus that helped me relax even more after work. I was able to be productive and simultaneously soak up the great vibes of the place. I definitely recommend this coliving experience to anyone who is looking to mix work with leisure!

C Sep 2023 5.00

I had a lovely experience staying at this coliving space. Whenever I have the opportunity, I'd definitely consider returning. My only critique would be the design of the beds; accessing the top bunk can be a bit of a challenge. Additionally, I missed having a small place to keep personal items like my phone within reach by the bed. On the first night, I noticed the bedding felt slightly damp.

José H Sep 2023 5.00

I had an amazing stay at this coliving space, and the people there really made the experience outstanding. A huge thank you to Kevin, Diego, Lou, and Segundo for being so welcoming and helpful throughout my visit.

Darida P Aug 2023 5.00

The beaches here are fantastic for surfers, though beware the water can be very cold—it's the ocean, not the sea!

Brittany O Jul 2023 5.00

I had a great experience staying here for a month. Everyone, from fellow guests to the staff, was incredibly friendly and sociable. There was never a shortage of people to connect with, whether to hang out, relax at the beach, or explore the local nightlife. The coliving space was cozy and well-maintained, offering a homey vibe akin to living in a large house with roommates.

Although the beach, perfect for surfing and swimming, is just a 15-20 minute walk away, the location is somewhat isolated. Getting to the town center of Ericeira requires a bit of a journey, and even the nearest supermarket is a 20-minute walk. Despite this, the charm of the place significantly outweighs the distance. A bit of planning for groceries and you're all set.

My friend and I opted for the camper van accommodation, which was a delightful choice. It allowed us for some private space yet still provided us the opportunity to enjoy the common areas of the coliving. The overall ambiance and the camaraderie found here truly made the stay memorable.

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