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Coliving destinations in Oceania

New Zealand

Coliving in New Zealand

New Zealand
Where’s one place where you can try coliving while also having wildlife encounters, exciting road trips, and walks along numerous national parks? New Zealand!

Nestled in its own little spot southwest of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a thriving Oceanic country that has two main islands (the north and the south) and 600 smaller islands. Small as it may seem compared to other countries, there’s an adventurous lifestyle waiting for you in New Zealand.

For one, you can visit Tongariro National park, the oldest national park in New Zealand that houses three active volcanoes. Lake Wakatipu is also a popular tourist spot. This sparkling blue glacial attracts many digital nomads and travelers and it’s often where people go for a walk or have a picnic in. Glacier hiking is also a must-do while in New Zealand. That’s why Franz Josef and Fox Glacier are two of the most visited spots in the country.

Not exactly into forests, lakes, and mountains? Why not boogie board down the sand dunes… of a beach place! 90-Mile Beach is known for having one of the longest stretches of beach in New Zealand that it’s even considered as an official highway!

You can also delve into the culture of the country, starting with the indigenous Māori tribes of New Zealand. Rotorua, a town on the North Island, is renowned for who they were able to preserve the Māori culture. Get an inside look by watching performances, listening to the stories of experts, and tasting traditional foods offered by the town.

More than the adventures waiting to be experienced, the coworking scene is also thriving in New Zealand and the coliving trend will soon follow. The country also has good internet speed, making it the perfect place for remote workers to settle into for a while.

Fast facts about New Zealand:

- New Zealand is the first-ever country in the world that gave women the right to vote.
- Among the living things in the country, only 5% are human. The rest are all animals.
- Coliving in New Zealand means that anywhere you are, you’ll always be close to the sea as most places are just 128km away from the seaside.
- New Zealand is the first country to officially appoint a wizard during the modern era
- New Zealand is a golf-loving country and there are more than 400 golf courses all over
- Nelson’s Blue Lake is the clearest lake in the world and its visibility is up to 80 meters deep
- Wellington is New Zealand’s capital and it’s the southernmost capital in the world

One thing that sets this country apart is its unspoiled natural landscapes located in all directions on both islands. The thought of having the great outdoors just right at your front door is a great way to start the day as New Zealand has multiple verdant spots waiting for you to be explored. This is what makes the country a must-visit for all digital nomads and adventure seekers from all walks of life.
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