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Diversity House

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About Diversity House

We are Diversity House. We welcome tenants despite their race, gender, or occupation.

"Diversityhouse" is named after the desire to create a share house where people can
respect each other and grow together, regardless of gender, nationality, occupation, etc. Rather than enforcing the rules we have created, we would like to create a comfortable environment for everyone by referring to the opinions of those who actually live there

Diversityhouse has private rooms with a key that protects your privacy while giving you the sense of security that someone is at home. You can spend time alone.

Diversityhouse has all the furniture and home appliances necessary for life. You don't need to buy a lot of things, so you can start a new life immediately with one trunk while keeping the initial cost low. Of course, Wi-Fi is already installed in the whole building!

Introducing the countries of people who have used Diversityhouse so far.
With the goal of being a share house with most nationalities in Japan, we aim to be a share house that can be used by people from many different countries!
Are you ready for coliving?

Are you ready?

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