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About Home In The City

‘home in the city’ is a provider of technology-enabled responsibly priced premium co-living services in select markets to address the needs of Gen-Z and millennials.
This branded venture leverages technology for search & discovery, booking and lifecycle management providing premium community co-living services in T1/T2 Indian cities, distinct from co-habitation/ PG / shared accommodation.

The service is for long stay- primarily millennials in their early career and Gen-Z (students of professional courses) and crafted leveraging insights to their needs and aspirations.

Each property we develop will have ~100+ well-appointed beds, in purpose-built facilities or boutique hotels or a block of apartments (entire building or full floors) or a cluster of villas in a compound. All our units will be in good localities in proximity to office clusters/education hubs, easy approach by foot to public transport/metro and entertainment-social infrastructure, safe and comfortable, have a community ecosystem, with leisure and activity spaces.
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