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Price from $521 to $960 / month
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About House Of Co

Our vision
For us, housing has to go from just living to a living experience. Living in that environment that you have always dreamt of at an affordable rate. Housing must adapt to the zeitgeist in which we find ourselves; living must be flexible, inclusive and social.

Our mission
Our mission is to provide our co-livers with a convenient, affordable, and flexible way of living—one where social interaction and community are central—building a sense of belonging and fostering an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Our strategy
We're always thinking about how we can improve our vision and mission - now and in the future. We aim to expand our House of co properties yearly in different locations to provide qualitative, flexible and affordable housing for as many people as possible.

House Of Co's latest reviews

Marco B. Jan 2024 3.50

I had an interesting experience staying here. When I first arrived, I noticed that the tenants didn't socialize much, which was a bit of a surprise. There was a couple subletting a room for a month in the summer who weren't very friendly, to be honest. I also saw some friction between a few tenants and the landlord, which did affect the atmosphere a bit. Thankfully, I had a positive relationship with management myself; they were always courteous and responsive to my needs. They've ensured me that my deposit will be returned by the end of the month, which I appreciate.

Anouk Oct 2023 5.00

A Coliving with the luxury of a boutique.

Mo Oct 2023 5.00

I stayed for three months and loved it! I met some amazing people and made good connections. I would definitely recommend staying with this host.

Elke Sep 2023 5.00

Coliving is a great way to meet other successful professionals all over the world. I would recommend it to a friend.

Elee S. Apr 2023 5.00

Superb! Enjoyed my stay here. Clean room and friendly staff. Will definitely go back.

Mert U. Feb 2023 4.90

Absolutely all rooms are beautifully designed and everything is of high quality.

Buşra G. May 2022 4.60

This coliving is designed perfectly. Suitable and furnished especially for people who like to live as a co-houser for a long term or short term. Mostly with the terrace of the garden. Highly recommended

Liselore B. Feb 2022 5.00

Great location, beautiful interior, and friendly host!

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