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About K9 Coliving

K9 Coliving is a bubbly, thriving, and unique Home for 50ish⁴ lucky K9ers. 20 different nationalities, as young as 6 to 50+ years old, Phd students, architects, yoga teachers, doctors, psychologists, artists, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and everything in between.

Many of the house values, the personal & professional activities and events organized by the residents in and outside the house are driven by a common interest in topics such as personal growth and development, social impact and co-creation. Some of us are involved in initiatives such as the Inner Development Goals, the Ekskaretfoundation, or Selfleaders.com - that both influence the K9 community and are influenced by it. By engaging in such projects, we want to look beyond the walls of the coliving space and into a more collaborative Society in the (near) future.
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