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Connecting creative talent to deliver value to society.

IN A NUTSHELL: Coliving for changemakers and knowmads.

ABOUT US: A new concept, a hybrid of artistic residences, business incubators, creative labs, and a hub for entrepreneurs.

GENERAL INTRODUCTION: Kalart is the first work-life balanced coliving in Barcelona that attracts professionals looking for inspiration and meaningful change. Located in the Parc Natural del Montseny (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, 45 km from the city), Kalart has been founded on the belief that working in a sustainable, rural and collaborative environment away from the pressures of everyday life in the city can restore and empower people personally and professionally.

WHAT INTERESTS US: To collaborate with and invest in creative talent that is developing projects that have a positive impact on society.

WHAT WE OFFER: We offer a space for coworking, coliving and mentoring on research, innovation, creation, production and promotion of creative proposals that have a social impact, in the sector of cultural and creative industries (ICC).

WHY KALART?: “No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it. A. Einstein”. We built a house in nature to reframe our thinking: disconnect to reconnect.

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Antonio B. Oct 2021 5.00

I have stayed in this coliving. It has worked very well for me, both at a productive level and at a networking level. Very international atmosphere, both with the colivers and with the volunteers. Great coexistence, everyone very respectful. The coworking is well-equipped, quiet, and inspiring, with plants and they even have an essences vaporizer, which they say they put in to create a studio atmosphere.

Lucila P. Aug 2021 5.00

This coliving is a wonderful place :), the people who manage it are very loving, the house is very spacious, with beautiful spaces, good light and a lot of attention to detail. The group that manages the space is very well organized, which makes coexistence very simple. Thank you very much for the time here!

Salvador B. Aug 2021 5.00

Fast internet, fresh free bottomless coffee, silent , chatty room area for networking, surrounded by nature to disconnect or just to run or bike before restarting again. Nice combination in one only coliving place. National and international hosts, all well traveled, from artists to makers and entrepreneurs. Nice vibe overall.

Cactus B. Jul 2021 5.00

Beyond the space, location and different functionalities, we want to thanks to this coliving, we were able to successfully produce the first product. A totally sustainable and innovative start-up.

Ruth R. Jun 2021 5.00

I have spent two months to develop a product at this coliving, coworking place. The coliving team helped me both on a personal level, with regard to insecurities, doubts, etc., as well as on a professional level, where I also enriched myself from the other colivers / coworkers.

mario M. Jun 2021 5.00

This coliving, coworking space it’s really a new concept for those who need to go beyond the coworking services and find business guidance. I have enjoyed with the mentoring sessions but also with other colivers and coworkers who are always supportive and open to give you feedback. Congrats for this special place.

Peperina V. May 2021 5.00

This is a wonderful coliving space. At the foot of the mont.Seny, a beautiful, super comfortable house. San Esteban has many natural places to meet and disconnect. Those who run the place are enterprising people, travelers, hostesses who accompany you so that your stay is a 10! We went with my partner and we had some excellent days! Thank you guys and girls for this experience!

Cyril C. Apr 2021 5.00

this coliving is a very nice place, located in a dynamic little town, and run and inhabited by very interesting, welcoming, heartwarming and friendly people. I did not stay long, but I wish to go there again soon.

Eva P. Apr 2021 5.00

The coworking room is quite spacious, about 20m2. It’s isolated, so I can be focused on creating my prototypes and printing in 3D. I’ve been offered job boards and advice on the project, they call it mentoring. People are pretty, and if you want to disconnect you can go to the chill-out area where there is always someone to chat and share views. Great hammock they have!

Roger R. Jan 2021 5.00

A creative coliving and coworking space in the middle of the field, at the foot of the Montseny. A house with various spaces: coworking for computers, chill-out to work more informally and a couple of multipurpose rooms for workshops, clean and spacious private rooms to stay. The treatment of the staff is always friendly but of course and direct, they do not waste your time, although there is also space to have a good coffee and philosophize about life!

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