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About Kalart

Kalart is connecting creative talent to deliver value to society.

IN A NUTSHELL: Coliving for changemakers and knowmads.

ABOUT US: A new concept, a hybrid of artistic residences, business incubators, creative labs, and a hub for entrepreneurs.

GENERAL INTRODUCTION: Kalart is the first work-life balanced coliving in Barcelona that attracts professionals looking for inspiration and meaningful change. Located in the Parc Natural del Montseny (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, 45 km from the city), Kalart has been founded on the belief that working in a sustainable, rural and collaborative environment away from the pressures of everyday life in the city can restore and empower people personally and professionally.

WHAT INTERESTS US: To collaborate with and invest in creative talent that is developing projects that have a positive impact on society.

WHAT WE OFFER: We offer a space for coworking, coliving and mentoring on research, innovation, creation, production and promotion of creative proposals that have a social impact, in the sector of cultural and creative industries (ICC).

WHY KALART?: “No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it. A. Einstein”. We built a house in nature to reframe our thinking: disconnect to reconnect.

Kalart's latest reviews

Tomasz M Apr 2024 5.00

I can't express enough how delighted I was, surrounded by such amazing and creative people. I stayed for a month and learned a lot about cooking, nature, and local traditions. Most importantly, I was able to tackle my procrastination and find motivation again. The multitude of in-house activities, along with town events, really made me feel like part of a large community. The Montseny area is beautiful, brimming with hiking trails and charming villages. I'm so thankful for having discovered this place and for the incredible experience. Thank you so much!

Rebecca M Feb 2024 5.00

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the time I spent at this coliving space. It was an enriching, heartwarming, and inspiring stay that also proved to be incredibly productive. The laughter shared during board game nights, the joy of community-supported karaoke sessions, and the stunning vistas of Montseny Valley all played a part in creating a memorable experience. This was a place where I could reconnect with myself and concentrate on my personal and professional aspirations. The communal lunches, always a highlight, were amazing, and waking up to the smiling faces of fellow residents set a positive tone for my days. I would wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone in search of inspiration and camaraderie in their life!

Irene Feb 2024 5.00

This coliving space is a magical place, difficult to describe in words. Nestled in the Montseny valley, beautiful trails through untouched nature are just a short walk away. And if you're in the mood for city vibes, Barcelona is just a 50-minute train ride away. What really makes this place stand out, though, is its human element.

The sense of community is strong and palpable. My housemates made me feel welcome from the very first moment. Living here means being in a place where stepping out of your room brings new learning every day, supported by a community that listens and cares. It's truly a space that encourages growth and connection.

The toughest part about it? The more you experience it, the harder it becomes to leave. Thanks to Noemi and Roger for creating all this!

Kata R Feb 2024 5.00

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a friend and spending a month at a beautiful coliving and coworking space in the Spanish countryside, not far from the vibrant city of Barcelona. The atmosphere was truly warm and welcoming, thanks to the inclusive housemates who made me feel immediately at home. For anyone in search of a peaceful yet inspiring retreat, this is undoubtedly the spot for you!

Benedetta B Feb 2024 5.00

I've had an amazing experience living near Barcelona! This coliving space is like being with family—the atmosphere is unique. The people are wonderful and the place itself feels magical. It offers everything I need: the tranquility of the countryside while still being close to the city, a well-equipped coworking space, and healthy, delicious meals for lunch. There's also a variety of activities for personal growth, such as yoga, dance, meditation, and workshops. I'm so grateful for this experience and don't want to leave!

Sebastián M Dec 2023 5.00

I recently had the opportunity to stay in this coliving space for about three months during a personal transition, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. The environment was respectful, imbued with good vibes, empathy, and a collaborative mindset that was truly heartwarming.

The rules at the residence were clear and well-enforced, ensuring that the space remained clean and orderly. It was refreshing to see such a conscious approach to living and a strong respect for nature and the surrounding environment.

The community is truly remarkable; I was genuinely taken aback by everyone's shared values, the energy, and the depth of conversations we had. I felt as if I became part of a family, a feeling that has stayed with me even after my stay.

I'm looking forward to returning since this isn't just a place to live—it's a chance to explore oneself through the connections with amazing individuals and the breathtaking landscape that surrounds us.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Roger and Noemi for making my stay memorable. Hoping to reconnect with this wonderful community soon!

Sean R Nov 2023 5.00

I spent a month at this coliving space and it was an incredible experience where I made friends for life. The location is situated in a beautiful area full of amazing trails perfect for walking and cycling. The space is extremely well managed by the hosts who do an excellent job keeping everything organized, attending to everyone's needs, and fostering a super comfortable and open atmosphere. It's an exceptional place to unleash your creative side, whether through music, art, or any other medium. The diversity of skills and lessons shared by everyone was truly enriching, and I learned a tremendous amount during my stay.

Brenda C Oct 2023 5.00

My stay at this coliving was a genuine life change! It's truly incredible to witness how a large group of people living in the same house can function seamlessly through collaboration and organization. This coliving is a prime example of this harmonious coexistence. The residents are incredibly welcoming, and the conversations we shared are a constant wellspring of motivation. If you're looking for a place where connection and personal growth are priorities, this coliving can be a good option.

Quenania Q Oct 2023 5.00

This coliving is a wonderful place! I spent almost 1 month there and I would have loved to stay longer. From the first moment, I felt so at home. It's a place where you can focus on your project/work and at the same time have beautiful moments with those who are living there. Nohemi and Roger do everything possible to make people feel good. They also supported me after I left with various things. Food is shared every day and you make friends very quickly. The people are very open and fun, and the house is very clean and well organized. I want to go back :)

Evan D Aug 2023 5.00

Lovely place to stay. Very friendly and warm atmosphere.

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