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What do students and young professionals have in common (besides the love for a late Saturday morning sleep and a slight obsession with caffeinated drinks)? We think - quite a lot, actually!

First - the dreaded deadlines. They stay with us even past uni, and once in a while we really need the extra peace and quiet to catch up on them. Once these are done, whether you’re a student or you’re leading the 9-5 life, you’ll probably be keen to relax and unwind - mental wellbeing is key, and we know it. Gym, cinema, or just a Netflix binge - it’s just nice to switch off. And when the weekend hits, it’s really time to get out there - a cheeky cocktail, some basking in sun, if the weather blesses us, and making new friends. Yes, even after uni, social life still continues, okay!

Because we know students and young professionals are not that different, we thought - wouldn’t they love living together?

One Living takes student accommodation and professional accommodation to a new level - encouraging intergenerational communication, sharing of experience and, of course - tons of fun and friendships to last a lifetime.
Are you ready for coliving?

Are you ready?

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