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Playworking is a place where creativity, productivity and good vibes flourish. Everyday we're inspired by Montenegro's natural beauty, energized by outdoor adventures and empowered to do our best work. We eat, sleep, explore and connect with other remote workers in a place that truly feels like home.

Playworking's latest reviews

Molly F
Oct 2018

Great base to chill and work. Super easy, close to the airport and most importantly the ocean! Cheers

Ariadne A
Jan 2017

Wonderful relaxed atmosphere, perfect for working and enjoying the surrounding landscape. Everything in the hostel is clean and well-organized, with comfortable beds, bathrooms etc. With a neat modern design. Even though I stayed in December it was warm and cozy.
Jeffrey, the owner, is very friendly and chilled out always happy to chat and help with advice.
I would love to return here in the spring, it is a rare place in Montenegro where you can combine your holiday with some peaceful and productive work.

Isaac A
Sep 2016

I stayed here in September 2016, one of the most pleasant and productive periods I've had. I'm an artist and I was working on art for an exhibition as well as curating an exhibition in Montenegro. I always work very hard on projects, however, what was uniquely different was the pleasure that I was able to achieve while working diligently.

Louise A.
Sep 2016

Excellent place for coworking / coliving style living. Close to Tivat and Kotor Bay and tons of outdoor adventure sports at your fingertips. The wifi is usually great (Netflix worthy).

Adrienne L.
Sep 2017

I'm a solo traveler working remotely as I travel around and I had the pleasure of staying at this coliving for a few days in late August during a visit to Kotor...then turned around and came back again a few days later to spend a a bit more time because it was such a great experience! Though there was not much structure with the activities, the laidback vibe was nice and you just adapt to taking things one day at a time. Sea kayaking and paddle boarding in the bay were possible almost every day, and the setting for each is absolutely stunning. The perfect way to really disconnect from work for a few hours each day! The workspace and accommodation is basic but functional. I'd recommend having a car if possible as it's a bit out of the way otherwise, but you can catch rides from time to time. The food was definitely a highlight for me and I felt so spoiled with each meal that was set in front of me, so fresh, creative, healthy and delicious every time. Also, a special shout out to Lulu for being so welcoming and great company during my time there! Thank you!

Alicia P.
Sep 2018

It's a very nice and peaceful place located in a very small village. It's ideal for those looking for a relaxed place to work but at the same time to rest. But you must also know that there are no supermarkets, restaurants or caffes near that place. You can go walking but it takes at least 20 minutes with ups and downs. If you don't feel like walking you depend on somebody taking you and picking you up, the same if you want to go to Kotor or Tivat, and sometimes it's difficult to arrange with anticipation. It'd be better to have arranged timetables for the rides to different destinations.

Ronen R.
Sep 2019

Jeffery is a pleasant, friendly person. The coliving and coworking concept is refreshing and unlike any other hotel or hostel I’ve stayed in. An excellent place for people who want to stay for either a short or a long period of time. The facility provides everything you need beside a bedroom: two big kitchens where you can store grocery items and make meals, plenty of tables (inside and outside) where you can work on your computer, a nice garden with a big balcony, big living rooms to sit and relax, and good Wi-Fi. The perfect place to meet new people from all over the world. The place is clean and the house is located in a quiet village.

Soma S.
Sep 2018

Perfect place to retreat to and work from afar. Cozy atmosphere to stay in in any season, brilliant staff. If I ever need a break I go down to the sea or the bay on the other side, boards and bikes are accessable, while some of the most beautiful cities in Montenegro are close by. What else could you ask for?

Kelly T.
Sep 2018

It is a great space if you are looking to get work done, relax, and do outdoor activities! The house is set up on a hill (100 m above sea level) in the countryside that is very peaceful with reliable internet. Each morning my sister and I would bike down the hill to the beach, paddle board, swim, and bike back. There are two smaller markets and a great pizza place 20 minutes away. Jeffery even let us tag along on the blue caves kayaking tour for free with his adventure company Montenegro Plus. We met a great group of people while we were there and truly enjoyed our stay.

Rob R.
Sep 2018

Great place to work on special project. Nice and quiet. A bit isolated though