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Price from $742 to $1,204 / month
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About Poha House

POHA House is a network of community living and working spaces for creatives and tech enthusiasts. We’re a lifestyle and technology company, with the mission to connect people by rethinking real estate.

We believe that the next generation homes need to be designed to embody incredible private and shared spaces. Our houses integrate smart technologies to enhance resident comfort and optimize the building management process. Human interaction is at the core of our service, we carefully design each house to spark and stimulate sociability.

Poha House's latest reviews

Joaquín F. Apr 2024 4.00

I found my stay to be okay, but there's room for improvement. Specifically, finding the vacuum cleaner was always a challenge, and I noticed that the cost of using the washing machine and dryer seemed quite high.

Lina B. Jul 2023 4.40

what a view! A flat surrounded by greenery with the sounds of nature. It does not get any better than this :)

norbert H Jun 2023 5.00

Great location, very friendly and professional! I love this coliving. It was very easy to book. The team here is very friendly and the apartment is great. I met some of my future neighbors and potential friends.

Jochen H Jun 2023 5.00

Very nice locations. Very easy booking process.

Lea M May 2023 5.00

Very proud of this team 🧡.

Carsten “ Feb 2023 5.00

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time living here and would definitely recommend it. The people are incredibly friendly.

Ruth H Dec 2022 5.00

Amazing decor and great rooms with unique views over the city.

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