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Riverside Ecoliving

Riverside Ecoliving

5.0 (20 reviews)

Price from $258 / month

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Riverside Ecoliving is a space where digital nomads can have both a relaxing, healthy, ecofriendly place to live, while still having a full coworking space created specially for you to be focused and comfortable, and most important, with a view of our beautiful landscapes. We hope to create a great community of freelance, artists and digital nomads trying to live its best and healthiest life, without the worries and expenses of the city.

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Riverside Ecoliving's latest reviews

Recorre 3 Oct 2021

What a fantastic project! I hope to be a part of it very soon.

Maritza C Oct 2021

An excellent place to live and work!

A U Jul 2021

Calm and cozy location with an incredible view. Ideal to escape from the city, take a rest, or work remotely. Excellent coliving area and wifi connection that allows you to work without any inconvenience.

Jeronimo A Jul 2021

It's perfect to have a rest.

Bernardo M Jul 2021

Excellent facilities, good attention, nice place. Highly recommended

Gustavo M Jul 2021

It's an excellent location for working and enjoying Jerico. Beautiful orchard and view. Wonderful places to work

Marcela A May 2021

Delicious food, beautiful scenery, and exceptional people make this a peaceful, environmentally friendly place to relax and detach from the city.

Juliana R May 2021

I found the best place to work without having to worry about connectivity issues; the internet worked flawlessly, and I was able to attend work meetings and meet my obligations. The best: surrounded by nature and just a short distance from Jericó's spectacular city. Strongly suggested!!!

Natalia D May 2021

Excellent working environment with a view of the ground! Excellent support as well! I suggest staying for a few days to get a feel for the area and the river.

angelo B Apr 2021

The best place in Jerico, with a focus on digital nomads. It comes highly recommended for its excellent service, convenience, connectivity, and gastronomic offerings.