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The idea was to create a curated, bohemian paradise. A place where you can live in harmony with like-minded, free-spirited individuals who are all about breaking down societal norms and creating their own path. A place where you can live in a way that is true to yourself, surrounded by people who understand and support your unique vibe.

Imaging being in a sitcom. You’ve got your quirky cast of characters all living under one roof, each with their own unique personalities and moods. You’ve got the clean freak, the casanova, the one who’s always in their room working, and the one who never seems to leave the kitchen. And just like in a sitcom, you’ll have your fair share of laughs and mishaps.

Our values
Co-living is a modern living concept that emphasizes community and shared experiences. The spaces are designed to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie, that often leads to the formation of friendships and even long-term relationships that can last a lifetime. It’s a revolutionary way of living that emphasizes the importance of community and connection. It’s about creating a home away from home.

Shared housing is based on a common life project that encourages the inhabitants to get in touch with each other. It respects the diversity of the inhabitants and pools a number of social and cultural resources. Our program is based on a philosophy of common life that translates into solidarity, participation, citizenship, conviviality, ecology, cooperation, the sharing of equipment and services and a better quality of life!
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