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Tertulia is a Forest Coliving Coworking in Tuscany 35km far from Florence, in the middle of Forest and unspoiled nature. Ideal for remote workers, a base to explore nature and art. Accommodation is in private or shared nice and large rooms, common spaces include an equipped kitchen, coworking room, chill room, multi-functional barn, lots of outdoor space (from the front door direct access to the forest!). In Tertulia you can find a small dynamic community of like-minded people and you will soon feel at home. You will experience well-being (food, open-air life style) and direct contact with nature and plants. Working in contact with plants, trees, gives empowerment in productivity, creativity, stress reduction. Activities offered on demand: mindfulness, permaculture course, Asian cooking class, Bowen treatment, farmer for a day, etc. We are just 10 min car from the village and we move every day to town.

Tertulia Coliving's latest reviews

Kasia B Jun 2024 5.00

Amazing experience, perfect for escaping city life and reconnecting with nature in a beautiful remote location. I came without a car, but it was fine. There is a communal car available for rent, and many people brought their own cars. We would organize grocery shopping trips and longer road trips on weekends among ourselves. The sunsets are amazing, and so is the nature around.

Paulo N Jun 2024 5.00

I had an amazing stay here. They are just starting, but Francesco is always ready to help when needed. It's conveniently located about 10 minutes from a big city where you can find everything you need.

I work remotely and travel frequently, and I had no issues at all with the internet connection. The kitchen was well-equipped with everything I needed to cook and prepare my meals.

We also organized a few trips to the beach and some nearby amazing towns.

I highly recommend it!

Jess K May 2024 5.00

This is a really special place with an amazing location and wonderful people!

Francesco G May 2024 5.00

I had an amazing time at this coliving space. The atmosphere is great, and the environment feels authentic. I would strongly suggest it to anyone wanting to disconnect from city life and enjoy the little things in a place completely immersed in nature.

Alice P Apr 2024 5.00

Beautiful! Cared for, functional, and rejuvenating! Living and working together with this small temporary family warmed my heart :)

Ellinor O Apr 2024 5.00

I stayed for a month last year and had such a great time here. Having now stayed at another coliving space, I can genuinely say that this one is significantly better at fostering a sense of community. Francesco and Giorgia were incredibly welcoming, striking the perfect balance of being present without being overbearing. There's a weekly meeting where new arrivals can introduce themselves and everyone discusses potential activities for the week. Yes, a lot of it revolves around 'low-key' activities like shared dinners and walks, but that's exactly what I was looking for. The location is beautiful and peaceful, although a bit too remote for my personal taste.

Jan-Martin L Apr 2024 5.00

My only regret about my time here is that I couldn't stay for more than a month. I'm already planning my return. What makes this place stand out, you might ask? The breathtaking landscape, for starters, with those unforgettable sunsets over the Mugello valley and the morning fog weaving through ancient chestnut trees. Not to forget the hidden paths in the surrounding forests, which feel like a small adventure each time you find your way back.

But beyond the natural beauty, what truly defines this coliving space is the people. Francesco and Giorgia have this incredible ability to make everyone feel welcome and connected, fostering a sense of belonging without any pressure. It's a place where you can be yourself, share with others, and watch as potentials unfold naturally. There's a subtle magic in the air here.

After spending several months at this coliving space, I've seen how it's not just me who feels this magnetic pull. Many have decided to change their lives for the better and even moved nearby! Life here feels slower, healthier, and more human. I just know I need to return.

tiphaine S Feb 2024 5.00

I stayed here for six incredible weeks and had the time of my life. I'm genuinely surprised by some of the negative feedback I've come across. A rustic, rural setting may not be everyone's cup of tea, but my personal experience was nothing short of amazing.

Yes, the place has an old-world charm, not everything may be modern or pristine, but that's part of its beauty. There's a gigantic fireplace in the kitchen that seems to transport you back in time. The yoga and event room combines historical aesthetics with practicality, complete with a long stove that warms a clay bench into a sauna-like seat. Participating in workshops there, particularly those led by a friend of the host, was among the most magical moments I've had over the year.

Maintaining an old building is certainly no small feat, but the host, Francesco, pours his heart into the work, and it shows. During my month-long stay, I never encountered any issues with bad odors or plumbing. Once, when my shower handle broke, Francesco had it fixed within hours. Despite the secluded location, which is common to many coliving spaces, there were always enough cars for shopping trips, and I never needed to pay extra for transportation.

Each coliving space operates differently, and while there were no volunteers here, Francesco was always ready to provide activities or ideas when asked. I've been to other colivings, but this experience stood out for its uniqueness and the sense of community it fostered.

I disagree with any notion that problems like dirty water are a constant here; it seems such issues are more about bad luck with cohabiting groups than the owner's neglect. Remember, coliving isn't meant to be a nursery; it's a shared space that thrives on mutual respect and self-organization.

It's also worth noting that many coliving owners, including Francesco, often have additional jobs. Juggling farming, one of the most time-consuming and least profitable jobs, with running a coliving space is no small task. The dedication to cultivate both a farm and a coliving space shows a deep passion for the lifestyle, the community, and making a positive impact on the world. Francesco is incredibly kind-hearted; both he, his family, and the space merit high praise.

I've enjoyed other colivings before, but this one holds a special place in my heart, and I wouldn't hesitate to return. And if you've seen the stunning landscapes and sunsets, you'd understand why.

Lizzy B Feb 2024 5.00

I had second thoughts about sharing my experience since I want to make sure there's a spot for me when I return next autumn! However, this place truly deserves to be celebrated.

Francesco and Georgia have created an amazing space, and I'm thrilled they're open to sharing it with others. They are dedicated to fostering a community here, and their efforts really show. Being here felt like becoming part of a family; I made new friends and it's comforting to know there's a place I can always come back to. Looking forward to my next visit, and hopefully, I'll see you there!

Jules B Nov 2023 3.90

I stayed at this coliving in July 2023 and when I booked it based on Instagram, photos and reviews, it looked communal, organic and a great place to base ourselves for 1 month.

The good:
1. It has the best sunsets. I really enjoyed spending my time outside, even in the hot summer.
2. The owner is kind and has a good heart.
3. Wifi is good.

My concerns:
1. Lack of interested volunteers: Good volunteers or hosts are key to a good community, and this is definitely something this coliving lacked.
Just before staying here, we were at an amazing coliving in Bulgaria, and after a few weeks here, we definitely missed the community feel. Yes, there is a weekly meeting where activities for the week are discussed, but most of them never came to fruition due to a lack of dedicated volunteers.

2. Cleanliness: The cleaner who came twice weekly did her best to clean the communal areas but it was hard to clean a place that was already worn and dirty. Our room felt stuffy with holes in the window cover letting in bugs and lots of mosquitos. The kitchen wasn't ideal for cooking as it consistently felt dirty due to cluttered counters, dirty dishes and mouldy food.

3. No official coworking spaces: There was only one small room with a table and some random chairs inside along with some outdoor tables for working from home but there were no official coworking spots with office chairs or

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