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About Vivarium Coliving

Vivarium is an urban Coliving & Coworking experience in the heart of Valencia. Here you can live and work with inspiring professionals, co-create a thriving community, and immerse yourself in the city to make a positive impact.

When Vivarium opened its doors in 2021, we wanted to create the community we longed for and could not find anywhere else.

A community where people passionate about change could come to connect with each other, find support for their aspirations and learn together to make a positive impact.

Today, Vivarium gathers purposeful individuals from many different backgrounds. Who, independently of their story, are eager to learn and ready to share their path with others.

We believe that a different way of living and working is possible if we do it together.

Vivarium Coliving's latest reviews

Eva H May 2024 5.00

Had a great time and can highly recommend staying here.

The coliving is in a beautiful Valencian building, and the location is amazing. You have everything you need within walking distance. The working space is incredibly beautiful and offers enough meeting rooms. There are also desks in the private rooms, making working very flexible.

The community managers, Dome and Erica, obviously really like their job and bring a very positive vibe to the group. They are always there for you if you need anything.

My favorite part of the whole experience was the weekly family dinners. It was such a great opportunity to connect and share our love for food. Group dynamics worked really well too. There were always events you could join, but I never felt obliged.

Thank you for making my stay in Valencia such a wonderful experience!

Bruna B Dec 2023 5.00

I must say, I've had an amazing experience here. The location in Valencia is just perfect, surrounded by kind-hearted people and brimming with engaging activities that helped me connect with other residents. The coworking space is top-notch too. Having a desk in each room offers me the flexibility to choose where I want to work every day, which is a huge plus. Anyone considering a coliving space should definitely try this place and take in all that it has to offer!

Josh C Dec 2023 5.00

I wasn't really aware of coliving until I started searching for coworking spaces, and I wasn't sure how well I would blend back into living with a larger group, something I hadn't done for years.

Despite my initial reservations, I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. There's always someone around willing to explore, whether it be a trip to the beach, a stroll in the park or just sharing dinner together.

The host organizes several weekly events that are fantastic for getting to know everyone, chatting, and enjoying good food. The team is excellent at keeping us informed about local events and places worth visiting.

Pablo and Dome are incredibly warm and welcoming, and they've created such a fun and wonderful place to have this experience. I enjoyed my time here so much that I've already planned my return for next March!

Viviana B Nov 2023 5.00

My experience here was truly awesome! I made friends for life at this amazing place. It's well maintained, beautiful, and perfectly located with a great community vibe. I totally recommend it! Huge thanks to Pablo and Dome for an incredible month!❤️

Daan K Nov 2023 5.00

I had a transformative coliving experience that went beyond just finding a place to stay. The communal atmosphere here offered a rich exchange of diverse cultures, providing an immersive learning environment. The curated activities struck a thoughtful balance between educational and recreational, ensuring that I didn't just reside but truly thrived.

One standout feature was the commitment to fostering a sense of community. The supportive network created within these walls transcended traditional coliving setups. The constant exchange of ideas and perspectives enriched the learning journey for everyone involved. It wasn't just a place to stay; it was a vibrant community where knowledge and camaraderie flourished.

The variety of cultures present added a unique flavor to daily life, fostering an atmosphere of continuous discovery. I was exposed to new languages, traditions, and cuisines, which enhanced my global perspective. This place is more than a residence; it's a microcosm of the world.

The thoughtfully designed activities catered to a range of interests, ensuring there was always something engaging to partake in. From language exchange sessions to cultural workshops and outdoor adventures, the coliving space encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new experiences.

In summary, I found more than just a place to live; I embarked on an educational and culturally enriching journey. The tight-knit community here made it a standout choice for seeking more than just a living space.

Miriam D Nov 2023 5.00

Home away from home - that's exactly how I'd describe this coliving space. The host, Pablo, has not only crafted a beautiful place to live, but more importantly, fostered an incredible and caring community that made my month here unforgettable. I'm eager to return one day!

Natascha G Nov 2023 5.00

The most beautiful coliving experience! I was lucky to spend 1 month on the third floor of this coliving - You share the floor with 7 other rooms, in my case this was with 8 further people - And it was the best adult coliving experience I could ask for! The people are vetted in advance so you know you are meeting great co-livers and will possibly be making friends for life. The community is strong and learning sessions and family dinners are great ways to meet people. The location could not be more perfect - 1-3min walks to bars, restaurants and nightlife; 15min walk away from old town and 5min away from the park. You can do a lot of social activities with your co-livers, or take time for yourself. The city offers such high quality of life, you will definitely find your own pace here. I want to thank Dome & Pablo for everything, as this was one of the greatest experiences of my adult life!

Cheers & Thank you!

Kalena M Nov 2023 5.00

I loved my time here. The host has curated a really intentional community and the community manager is amazing. Met some really lovely people and had the best time! Location is unbeatable, too. Already can't wait to come back.

Martin S Oct 2023 5.00

Beautiful place which truly deserves the name coliving. I had a wonderful time here due to the other residents and the people who run this coliving with so much engagement and care.

Jordan W Oct 2023 5.00

I spent 1 month at this coliving in the fall of 2023. I don't have enough good things to say about both Valencia and this coliving. For Valencia, there is something for everyone. If you're looking for a family environment with good people and lots of things to do while still getting your work done, it's the perfect place. The space is clean and modern, you have every kitchen utensil you could need, it's a wonderful place to be. Highly recommend.

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