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Ambitious CoLiving empowers creative professionals to take charge of their career growth, combining powerful state-changing experiences that accelerate community bonding, with an easy-to-use all-inclusive platform to make their living situation more affordable. It serves as a trusted talent agency partner, offering fully-furnished private/shared bedrooms, curated experiential events, content houses, co-working space, video production studio access, no leases, and no broker fees.

Ambitious Coliving's latest reviews

Orania A Aug 2023 5.00

This coliving is a reliable and serious company. From the beginning, they were always very kind and indicated several accommodation options according to my preferences to get to know the city. The location was easy access to transportation, restaurants, tourist areas, and a very safe area. The apartment was in an excellent location in Beverly Hills - it was well organized, quiet, spacious, and had everything you need for a comfortable stay. They were always very attentive to any doubt that arose and responded quickly. Great value for the price.

Carly Margaret P. Apr 2023 1.00

This rental was a nightmare since the moment I moved in. The lock on the front door wasn’t working (so you couldn’t lock the door when leaving the house), my room didn’t contain a desk as advertised (instead there was a pair of bunk beds where the desk had been in the photo), neither the microwave nor the oven worked, the kitchen was filled with cockroaches, my bed frame broke while I was in bed, and I had to sleep on the mattress on the floor with the broken bed frame still taking up most of the space in my room. Perhaps worst of all, the room was never cleaned before I moved in. On top of the armoire, I found dog food and dirty dishes. There was a layer of dust half an inch thick on the ceiling fan blades, the blinds, the window sills, etc. The shower drain was clogged with hair, and it didn’t even appear as the floors had been swept. Also one of the roommates sleeps in the living room every very uncomfortable night. On top of this, management is garbage. Expect them to try to show your room to prospective tenants without giving you any notice, and expect the manager to show up in the evening without any notice to retrieve his personal belongings out of a locked closet in your bedroom. And also beware that they’ll suddenly try to claim that you need to give 30 days' notice before moving out despite having booked through this site and never having signed any sort of lease. Oh, and then you won’t get your full deposit back apparently because they need to do deep cleaning after I left the room cleaner than it was when I moved in. Truly abhorrent rental practices. Avoid this one at all costs.

Angela D. Mar 2023 5.00

I stayed here, and the experience was great, Sebastian from the beginning was very kind and understood what I needed to stay in the coliving (he speaks Spanish and English), Joey was very kind and gave me tours of different accommodation options to choose the best option for me, Louie is a charming person who is also very attentive to what is required in the home. The apartment was located in a very quiet and safe area, the tourist areas were nearby, restaurants, parks, malls, an excellent experience, great quality, and price. I would definitely stay in this worth-it coliving place again!

Orania A. Mar 2023 5.00

5/5. Great value for the price.

Laura N Jan 2023 5.00

I stayed in a coliving for 6 months and it was a great experience. The location was even better than I imagined. The room had everything I needed and my roommates were nice. If you're planning to move to this city for 1 month, I definitely recommend it.

Steve S Dec 2022 5.00

I rented a room 1 year ago and the process was simple and friendly, the room was clean and they were accommodating. It is great to see how their business has grown. A true success story. Would strongly recommend it!

Angela D Oct 2022 5.00

I stayed with this coliving, and the experience was great. The host from the beginning was very kind and understood what I needed to stay in the coliving (they speak Spanish and English). They were very helpful in giving me tours of different accommodation options to choose the best one for me. Louie is a charming person who is also very attentive to what is required in the home. The apartment was located in a safe area, with tourist areas nearby such as restaurants, parks, and malls. It was an excellent experience with great quality at a reasonable price. I would definitely stay here again.

Ray W May 2022 5.00

The process of booking and moving in was easy, the landlords were really friendy & chill and both of my roommates were super easy going and also creatives, I definitely recommend this coliving place!

Sarah Sep 2020 5.00

When I first moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago, I was on craigslist looking for roommates but never had the best of luck. It wasn’t until I heard about Coliving from a friend that I knew that this was an amazing opportunity. I have now lived in three units and have loved everyone here. I’ve always felt safe, at home and welcomed by all the roommates.

Zane Sep 2020 4.00

This coliving got me started in LA offering me co-living spaces and even a job working in events. It sounds crazy but sometimes you just have to pick up the phone and call. That’s what I did and they answered. Some people talk the talk but this is a company that actually cares and can get things done!

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