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Banana Coliving Coliving Company
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Price from $340 to $465 / month

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Banana Coliving

We aim to create a community for like-minded young people to live, work, and chill in an atmosphere that you'll be proud to call home. This is your respite from the road, a shelter in Taipei, and a place to relax in the fast-paced city.
At Banana Co-living, our main goal is to help you to kickstart your best life.

What's Included?

Well-furnished room
Step 1. Bring your own toiletries and luggage.
Step 2. Enjoy your stay in Banana Co-living! We have everything prepared for you.

Housekeeping Services
Don't worry about cleaning.
Our housekeeping service ensures a fresh and clean living environment around the clock!

All-inclusive bill
The rent would include all the utility bills! ( E.g. electricity, water, and internet expenses. )

House repairs
"Oh no, something broke!"
Don't worry about it! Our plumber is always there for you.

Banana Events
We want to be your first friend in Taipei, and help you find more! Every month, we will hold various events, including yoga class (once a week)!

Daily necessities
We offer our tenants toilet paper, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc., so there's no need to worry about running out!

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Banana Coliving's latest reviews

Emily M
Dec 2019

Co-living spaces in Taiwan are quite different from the ones in the US. Most of the rooms you will share with either 2 to 3 people. So if you are the type of person that wants your own space this is not the space for you. However, if you don't mind it and you like to get to know other roommates then this place is great to socialize with others. Also, most of your roommates will be working throughout the week, so there is times you won't be able to socialize as often. It's just how life is people get busy with their lives so it's very hard to get to spend time with everyone.

Fancy Y
Sep 2016

Excellent coliving location. I give it 5 stars.

Tsaiwei H
Mar 2013

This coliving space would deserve a 5 star recommendation.

Feb 2014

I tried co-living for the first time after staying in major business hotels. The rooms used to be cold and cold. When I stepped into this place, I was greeted by family greetings, which made me warm the room with a sense of design, small ingenuity and cute living room. Relaxing toilets are white bricks, but there is no yellow stain on the balcony of the smoking area. It is located in the Wangyou Valley in Taipei City. There is also an open kitchen for us to cook our own supper. So let us eat to meet friends. I have met Korean friends and I can only say that this co-living is worthy of people's love! Next time I go to Taipei, this place will be my first choice.

Fang L.
Jun 2016

Awesome coliving~ You must live every time you come to Taipei!

The environment is excellent and clean!
The boss is super stylish!
The boss is so kind!
There are also free bananas to eat!

Dec 2014

I will miss this place! Just want to live here! Look at the photos and have fun, can you give me one banana pajamas!

Mar 2014

If you like a co-living space, it is a great choice. It can also promote cultural exchanges^^

Viola K.
Nov 2013

Great place with space design~
Ingenuity everywhere!

Jojo K.
Mar 2014

this is such a cool place to stay! all the staff are very friendly! i enjoyed the Tuesday beer night sooo much, which was actually on my last night of this Taiwan trip!! please continue to host this awesome Tuesday event!! I 'll miss you all >< see you when i visit taipei again !!!

Chiao H.
Jan 2016

Awesome, clean place, in addition, the socket is very intimate, suitable for the charging head for travelers from all over the world~ the staff is very enthusiastic, and we had a good chat last night