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We aim to create a community for like-minded young people to live, work, and chill in an atmosphere that you'll be proud to call home. This is your respite from the road, a shelter in Taipei, and a place to relax in the fast-paced city.
At Banana Co-living, our main goal is to help you to kickstart your best life.

What's Included?

Well-furnished room
Step 1. Bring your own toiletries and luggage.
Step 2. Enjoy your stay in Banana Co-living! We have everything prepared for you.

Housekeeping Services
Don't worry about cleaning.
Our housekeeping service ensures a fresh and clean living environment around the clock!

All-inclusive bill
The rent would include all the utility bills! ( E.g. electricity, water, and internet expenses. )

House repairs
"Oh no, something broke!"
Don't worry about it! Our plumber is always there for you.

Banana Events
We want to be your first friend in Taipei, and help you find more! Every month, we will hold various events, including yoga class (once a week)!

Daily necessities
We offer our tenants toilet paper, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc., so there's no need to worry about running out!

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Banana Coliving's latest reviews

Emily M. Dec 2019

Co-living spaces in Taiwan are quite different from the ones in the US. Most of the rooms you will share with either 2 to 3 people. So if you are the type of person that wants your own space this is not the space for you. However, if you don't mind it and you like to get to know other roommates then this place is great to socialize with others. Also, most of your roommates will be working throughout the week, so there is times you won't be able to socialize as often. It's just how life is people get busy with their lives so it's very hard to get to spend time with everyone.

Frank C. Nov 2019

Such a great co-living and working space.

Rivers W. Oct 2019

Good co-living space. The host is very careful and friendly. They gave me equipment and good meeting-space, so that the "Saltwater Chicken Taste Film Appreciation" and "Rehabilitation People Forum" have been successfully completed, thank you!

Laetitia H. Aug 2019

If you want to live with Taiwanese people, that is the place to be. But if you have some apprehension about living In the same room, don't worry, your bed will be your favorite private space, as it possesses curtains. Even if you are sleeping in bunk beds, you won't feel your roommate move. Contrary to many studio, the flat is well equipped with microwave, washing machine, hotplates. I have been living there for 1 week already!

李加嘉 Feb 2019

The location is so convenient and close to MRT station. The interior is very cozy and stylish, people who live there are also friendly and good looking!
It's like a trend to stay at a co-living and get involved with cool people, and this place is definitely the best choice in Taiwan!

Laura S. Sep 2018

My husband and I have been living in the the newest co-living space in a double room for almost a month now and love it. Super close to the MRT & Bus line and right across the street from the Taipei Arena / Songshan Sports center. The owners, Lexi and Wilbur are awesome landlords. Very easy to get a hold of and happy to help if you have any questions. They try to arrange fun activities for all the renters to take part in every so often (if they want to join), which really creates a cool community atmosphere!

Peng J. Oct 2017

A very comfortable place with super nice beds.

黃智煒 Sep 2017

Such an interesting and fun co-living and working space. the staffs are very helpful, Korean students on the night shift are very cute.

Peiju H. May 2017

A super warm place where you can meet a lot of new friends. The key point is that the location is also super good. It is convenient to go to work, go shopping, and eat!

Nina C. May 2017

We had a wonderful time staying was fun and everyone is super friendly! Would give 10 stars if I can!!! Way to go!!Love it!!