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About Hei Homes

We offer private, designer-furnished rooms within the heart of Singapore. We provide beautiful spaces to expats, designed artistically.

Hei Homes's latest reviews

Nayantara S May 2022 5.00

This has been a wonderful coliving experience. The apartment was decorated well and felt homely and cozy. My room was so nice and they are super fast at responding to any issues that may come up. Their staff is very friendly and always informs you before the servicing or maintenance workers are coming by. I would definitely recommend staying with them!

Simona D May 2022 4.00

The rooms are located in strategic areas in Singapore at an average lower price than other providers.
They provide flexibility by allowing 3 monthly contracts without surcharge. Love this place where I could live and work remotely!

agrenated Apr 2022 5.00

I've been to many countries but have never felt more at home than at this place. I love how homey and warm the living spaces feel. Next time you visit Singapore, definitely choose this coliving and be rewarded with an amazing stay!

Matthew H Apr 2022 5.00

The staff is excellent! They are extremely responsive and very helpful. They do a very nice job creating a comfortable and unique living experience. The overall design and aesthetic of their co-living apartments is wonderful as well! 5/5!
Thank you!

Camila K Apr 2022 5.00

Stayed 8 months with them and in general it was good!
Positive points:
- I liked how they would supply products that are common use (toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, laundry stuff) since these products are always complicated to share the costs in a coliving situation.
- All the houses I've been to are super well decorated and beautiful
- They were always super responsive and attentive when we contacted them
- Whenever we needed something fixed they would handle everything, saving our time from having to search for the service
Points for improvement:
- Some things in my apartment were pretty old and even though a few of us complained over our time at the apartment not much was done about it (we had an antimosquito door on our balcony and for the service area and both had problems and it was never fixed. The exhauster hood above our stove was so old that it fell onto the stove once when my flatmate was cooking and never got fixed )
- Sometimes they would schedule things randomly without asking us if anyone would be home and then inform us later and we were like ok but the door is closed and no one is at home

Merwin A Mar 2022 5.00

Overall I had an unforgettable experience. One of the things that drew me to this coliving was the impeccable design and furnishing of its apartments. Appliance issues (eg. Aircon, oven) are attended to and fixed almost immediately. So far the communication with the staff is very efficient. In comparison to many other responses I've received concerning housing properties in Singapore, this seemed more proactive and practical. When selecting a living space, renters are putting a great deal of trust in those they lease from, and honest and direct communication is important to build this trust.

Sandra L Mar 2022 5.00

I'm very happy The coliving spaces are pretty nice, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the location of the apartment I stayed at was very convenient.

Jewel M Mar 2022 5.00

An environment built for relaxation and comfort after a hard day's work or a cozy WFH space, for a community that encourages camaraderie, and for utmost security and cleanliness. It addresses not just needs but even various personal requests. I would say there is none like it. Keep it up!

Mild N Feb 2022 4.00

This unit is well decorated and homey. Had a good coliving experience with the house and housemates during my 6 month stay. There was some miscommunication on lease dates with the staff which caused some inconvenience.

nimmy N Jan 2022 5.00

I recommend this location to everyone who wants to live hassle free in a well furnished, tastefully decorated home with some amazing housemates.
They are a professional team who take care of all your needs during your stay and respond to any query or concern that you may have.
I made some great friends during my stay at one of the homes in Singapore. Thank you for giving me a great experience while in Singapore.

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