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You want to explore with us how we can live and work in harmony with ourselves, our fellow human beings and nature?

Moom is still young and growing. Therefore, it offers especially many opportunities for engagement and creativity.

We invite you to use the inspiration of this place for your work.
The experience is especially valuable for you if you spend a month or more with us.

Moom's latest reviews

Simon S May 2024 5.00

I came here seeking a break to focus on myself while living in a community. The hosts, Manu and Etti, are both professional and easygoing in their interactions with guests. Their extensive hosting and facilitating experience is evident in how smoothly the place is run.

For me, it struck a perfect balance between shared time and personal space. Conversations were natural, and I felt included in decision-making and planning. The location, nestled in lush farmland, offers beautiful walks in every direction. The kitchen is well-equipped, and the food, sourced from local farms and organic stores, is delivered right to the doorstep.

Highly recommendable.

Luisa W May 2024 5.00

This place is more than just shared living and offers more than you might expect from coliving. For me, this space emphasizes mindfulness and awareness, making communal living a unique and peaceful experience. The focus on individual needs, combined with community events like a listening circle, offers the perfect blend of personal and collective well-being. I felt both connected to myself and supported by the group during my month here. Etti and Manu create an atmosphere of acceptance and love, making me feel quickly welcomed and at home. The beautiful surroundings with stunning nature, sheep, horses, and other animals complete the feel-good package. #justbeing

Nike H Feb 2024 5.00

I've found a second home here—an incredible place where the future is already happening in the present. It's a community that lives mindfully and co-creates together, giving me that special feeling of belonging. Manu and Etti are sensational hosts; thank you so much for everything!

Sabrina L Jan 2024 5.00

I had an amazing experience living here at the coliving space! The villa mesmerized me with its spacious rooms, cozy common areas, enchanting rose garden, inviting swimming pool, and lush green surroundings. The sense of community is strong and you can feel the energetic international flavor, thanks to the diverse group of residents that call this place home.

The host, Liz, is truly delightful. She brings so much fun, warmth, and positive energy to the place, making every day here feel special. The overall vibe of the coliving space is a perfect blend of relaxing retreat and vibrant social hub. I am grateful for the time I spent here, immersed in the thriving spirit of the community.

Lucy Elizabeth M. Aug 2022 4.00

Had the most fantastic time here, everyone worked together to make this place home and I felt welcomed right away! The workspace has also had so much love put into it, and the surrounding areas are beautiful to walk around in.

Claudia K May 2021 5.00

The very friendly togetherness. I felt super comfortable and what I also find very good is that my dog was just as welcome and was allowed to move freely everywhere. In addition, you meet very different people who are there for just as different reasons. I generally like to exchange ideas and always get to know new people who also want to tell a little bit about themselves.

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