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What is coliving?

Coliving is a community living concept for like-minded people to live, work, and play together. Living spaces are well designed, fully furnished, with incidentals and utilities covered by one bill. Catering to various living styles and tastes, the main value of the coliving experience is access to the community.

Looking for a month to month lease?
Coliving spaces don’t force you into a yearly contract, they offer flexible short term rentals with leases starting from as short as even a week.

Why Coliving.com?

Coliving.com is the #1 discovery and booking platform for Coliving homes around the world.





About Nigeria

Nestled in the western part of Africa is a country known for its multiethnic society and abundant natural resources. Nigeria is a place where digital nomads and ex-pats go-to for lower costs of living and culture-rich destinations.

Nigeria, for one, is filled with nature reserves and conservation centers that give you a taste of the country’s wildlife. And since Nigeria is one of the countries situated at the edge of Africa, it’s also filled with different beaches to combat the dry and tropical weather.

Other than what nature has to offer, you can also find vibrant spots such as the Kano City Walls in Kano City and the Lekki Arts and Crafts Market in Lagos are just some of the city sights you can explore.

The coworking trend has been growing in Nigeria for years now, along with the high probability of seeing coliving spaces soon. As more startups continue to pop up here and there, more and more people now have the freedom to live and work anywhere. Some of them see Nigeria, specifically the largest city of Lagos, as a viable destination to move into.

A few facts about Nigeria:

- Nigeria is also called the “Giant of African Countries”
- Nigeria is the 7th most populous country in the world
- There are over 520 spoken languages in Nigeria
- The country has the largest economy in Africa due to its export market
- Nigeria’s capital is Abuja
- There are 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria
- The most popular sport in Nigeria is football
- The movie industry is called Nollywood and it’s one of the top movie industries in the world (next to Hollywood and Bollywood)
- The word “Nigeria” derived from the word “Niger”, which is the longest river in West Africa.

If you’d like to prioritize the low cost of living while also having a jump-off point to the rest of Africa, Nigeria is a good option. Your monthly budget as a digital nomad will take you far in this country, giving you more than enough to explore all the other wonders offered by Nigeria.