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About Homeoffice Madeira

Welcome to Homeoffice Madeira.

Coliving doesn’t mean giving up your personal space.
You can work from your private room desk or choose from various working spots indoors and outdoors. We have both cozy nooks and big spaces around the estate.

There is an excellent Wifi signal in the garden, and you can plug in your devices on the balcony and terrace.
If you fancy working around your housemates, there is a space with two large tables and fourteen chairs.
We have you covered for important work calls and deep work too: You can use our separé for an undisturbed flow.

Work out and relax
Staying with us gives you full access to our beautiful palm garden, fitted with a plunge pool (in summer) and sun lounges so you can relax whenever you like.

If you prefer to stay active, we got you!
We have an indoor possibility room with dumbbells, ribbons, rollers, mats, and a monitor. You can play table tennis, or jump around on a trampoline in the garden while listening to your favorite music.

In the villa, all guests live together like in a shared paradise.​ Living together as a group is not an all-inclusive fun trip, but rather the attempt to experience a nice and exciting time together and, as a result, requires a certain willingness to integrate into the group structure.

This includes that common expenses (purchases) can be shared, we cook together, everyone is jointly responsible for cleanliness and everything should be relaxed and stress-free - like living together with friends (who you don't know yet). Here once again: Everything can, nothing has to be done. All guests are simply looking forward to a cool, relaxed, eventful time together.

Our villa and huge garden is located 15 minutes from FNC Madeira Airport. The easiest way to get here is by taxi. (15 €)

We have rental cars that are shared by everyone if necessary. So far, 99% of guests have made use of it. So even without a driver's license you don't have to worry, as drivers were always found in the house...

Homeoffice Madeira's latest reviews

Max A Jun 2024 5.00

I had an amazing week here! The atmosphere is truly unique and authentic. I will definitely come back!

Max S Jun 2024 5.00

I highly recommend this place! The house is spacious, beautiful, and the host is very friendly!

Daniel E Jun 2024 5.00

I had an awesome time staying here. The host was wonderful, and it was truly an epic adventure. :)

Alissa D May 2024 5.00

I spent a whole month here in April, and it was the best coworking experience I've had so far. The location is amazing, the garden is huge and beautiful, and the sunrises are stunning. It's perfectly organized, the work environment is great, and the hosts are very knowledgeable about the local hiking spots. We enjoyed many pleasant after-work excursions, so even if you work normal hours, there's plenty of time to explore the island. I can highly recommend it and will definitely come back!

Cristina T May 2024 5.00

I visited here for a month in March-April, and I recommend it to everyone. The house is spacious, the internet works perfectly, and excursions are organized daily among the visitors plus Figo and Peter. There are two rental cars, and activities are always planned in groups, open to suggestions.

The atmosphere is incredible, and in just a month you can make great friendships. If I had known, I would have stayed longer. I recommend staying for 2-3 weeks if you really want to get to know the area while working remotely.

If you're willing to get used to seeing new waterfalls daily (thanks to Peter), hiking routes that no one else knows (thanks to Figo), seeing whales and dolphins, and meeting people from all over the world (though I must admit, many are German, haha), then I can assure you this is your place.

P.S.: If you're gluten intolerant, no worries. Here's how it works: on the supermarket day, both gluten and gluten-free products are bought and shared among everyone. It's fair. The supermarket has a whole section of gluten-free products.

In short, I had a wonderful experience and made friends from all over the world. I honestly want to return and bring some friends to enjoy the experience. I highly recommend it!

Jan-Niklas I May 2024 5.00

If you're looking to get away from home, sit by a campfire in the evenings, play table tennis between meetings, and go hiking all evening with incredible views, then this place would definitely not be for you.

Dominic A May 2024 5.00

One of those experiences that you don't realize you need until you've had it. Despite working the usual hours, every afternoon here feels like a vacation. The concept is brilliant. I settled in comfortably and quickly, finding the blend of undisturbed work and coliving to be very effective. It was a lot of fun meeting new people, enjoying cool hikes together, and having relaxing evenings at the villa. A major bonus is that most of the hikes are away from the crowded tourist spots, offering so much to see and experience. Thank you for such a memorable time, and I'll definitely return.

Klára P Apr 2024 5.00

Staying here surpassed all my expectations. As an introvert, I was afraid to try coliving, which I had never done before. However, it turned out to be the most unforgettable experience I could get. Madeira is amazing, and the house is perfectly suited for coliving. You get a lot of private space as well as common areas where you can spend time together. All the hiking tips I received were worth a million. The house rules are perfectly set and, during my stay of a month, everyone respected them and was cooperative. We also had a host named Peter, whose determination was far beyond. Thank you all. I feel this was not the last time I visited that lovely house. 💙

Malte E Apr 2024 5.00

I visited this coliving space for a month in April and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. The house is ideal for both working and leisure activities, featuring fast internet throughout the property, various workspaces both inside and outside for quiet and productive work, along with space to relax. The premises are always neat and clean. The host, Figo, ensures everything is well organized and places a high emphasis on positive social interactions among the guests. I found myself in the company of cool and friendly people, with whom enjoying time after work and exploring the island was always a pleasure. This place offers access to two rental cars, and activities are always planned together, making the experience much more enriching. Figo provides some insider tips that reveal the island’s beauty from a less touristy perspective. I'm already looking forward to my next visit!

Emrah O Apr 2024 5.00

Great experience! I visited here for a month. Despite bad weather throughout my stay, there was always a wonderful atmosphere in the house and people eager to engage in activities after work. The working experience was very smooth; I had the option to join others in a communal working space or to work privately in my room with my own table and external monitor. These options extended to other aspects such as eating or hiking, which I believe is a great benefit for those who wish to either join a group or enjoy their own company.

Figo did an excellent job keeping everything in order as a host and occasionally joined us, enhancing our experience. This coliving offers rental cars, shared & individual grocery shopping lists, and local tips, which significantly eases the usual burdens when visiting a new place, allowing more focus on work and leisure.

I felt one week was a bit short for me since it took a couple of days to become familiar with all the amenities and start truly enjoying the place. I definitely recommend this coliving!

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