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Coliving in Madeira

Madeira is a small island located in the Atlantic Ocean and one of two autonomous regions in Portugal, making this a unique coliving experience. The island sits roughly 430 miles off the coast of Morocco and sees about 1.4 million visitors per year, which is nearly five times its population. The island is home to just under 300,000 full-time residents most of whom speak Portuguese. Madeira is home to an abundance of indigenous wildlife and has a relatively stable temperature year-round, anywhere from 62ºF to 72ºF.

The island has become a popular tourist destination over the last decade, in part to its amazing climate and relaxing culture. There are plenty of daily excursions to do here and the perfect amount of small bakeries and cafes, which make for great remote working spaces for digital nomads. Madeira has also become popular with whale watching in recent years, this has become a popular activity for tourists who flock to the island. Because it’s an island, anything that can be produced here must be imported, making the prices slightly higher than the mainland.

There are some great cozy restaurants in town that are great to grab lunch and dinner. While there are no nightclubs here you can still find a decent bar scene with a good few bars open until late at night. These are great places to meet the locals and other digital nomads who call Madeira home. There is only one airport on the island, where you will find direct flights to many European destinations. Bus companies that have been operating for over 100 years also run a regular service to get you around the island.

Fun facts about Madeira:

- Madeira Island is closer to Africa than it is to Europe, located just 280 nautical miles from the African coast
- The island has the world’s largest fireworks display for New Years Eve
- Madeira island is home to Europe’s tallest sea cliff- more than 1,900 feet above the sea
- There are more than 1300 miles of hiking trails in Madeira
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