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Nihao Coliving Company


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NiHao, a welcoming phrase in Mandarin, it's the name of all our accomodation for long and short stay in Taipei. It's a name of a group of people who are genuine, decent, and always keen to help. We believed these words described not only in our teamNIHAO, but also shown the true natures of people in Taiwan ."

Nihao's latest reviews

Raweerat T. Jan 2020

A nice and cozy co-living place to stay, a lot of complimentary stuff for travelers such as free tea, biscuit, and extra toothbrush. The shower room can be easily wet cos the slop is not that low (compared to the dry area).

sineenath K. Nov 2019

I'm falling in love with this small and cozy coliving hotel. I stayed here for 3 night and they had been great nights. Home made breakfast and fresh brew coffee was delighted me every morning.

josef I. Sep 2019

Very near the beautiful spots. Wonderful staff.

joyeuxvoyage Sep 2019

Love their special Taiwanese salad and brunch meals. Desserts also taste nice!

moihua C. Sep 2019

Peaceful environment. Friendly staff. Suitable to take photographs. Except the guest room is relatively small.

Brandon L. Sep 2019

I had a great experience at this coliving hotel. I stayed for 5 days and it was really close to the train station. The room was kind of small but the employees were really kind and helpful. The only problem I had with the hotel was that the internet is unreliable and that the wall plugs were really bad quality. It somewhat annoyed me but I'm sure wouldn't be a problem for most guests who are just looking for a nice reasonably priced place to stay.

Leanne L Mar 2019

Cozy coliving space in a quiet neighborhood, will definitely come back again. WiFi & bathroom available

Chen O. Oct 2018

Ameizing cafe with decent barista service. Nice deco and relaxed seat area are around green view.

Immanuel C. Oct 2018

I miss staying here... I will definitely go back! The coliving Hotel is so homey and relaxing plus the management and staffs are so friendly. Not to mention its convenience because its a minute walk to Metro Station. Perfect for travelers!

Vanessa T. Sep 2018

Cozy and homey place. Great for trips with friends or on solo! A little hard to find but the staff is very helpful and speaks great English. Just give them a call for directions. Theyre great source for tips on where to go in the city as well