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The Hub - Fuerteventura Coliving Company

The Hub - Fuerteventura

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Price from $1,747 / month

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The Hub is a community driven coworking and coliving space located in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.
Dedicated to tech and digital entrepreneurs, digital nomads, bloggers, travelers, surfers, digi-hippies, remote workers, designers, coders and all the free minded people like you.
We work hard and play even harder, because we have a goal. Our mission is to create a 100% care-free environment for people working with stuff online.
This not only means fast internet, 24/7 access, worry free housing, workshops and events, but also access to an awesome network of like-minded people and a set of community activities to enjoy life in our beloved island.

The Hub - Fuerteventura's latest reviews

Elisabetta T. May 2020

Very nice coliving space, relaxing environment and excellent wifi connection

Adriano R. May 2020

5 stars for Uncle Mette for the warmth of such a place! Big hug and big up for everybody puttcha hands up indair!

Kimo May 2020

A great balance between an intimate and professional working environment. I was surprised at how much is on offer here: unlimited tea, coffee, screens and laptop stands for use, a bicycle for limited use in the area around the hub, and quite a bit more. Better and cheaper than most coliving and coworking spaces I've been to in major urban areas.

web B. Apr 2020

With this place I found 'the solution to all my projects. Positive and harmonious place, friendly and available staff. many services included to enjoy a forgettable vacation in Fuerteventura. airport transfer services, the new coliving house is elegant clean and very comfortable, also the price is very good. thanks the staff, see you very soon. thanks to Hector, everything very perfect

Business F. Apr 2020

This is the magical place where dreams come true. excellent workspace and excellent place such as coliving, powerful internet, super nice staff and many networking activities. quad -surf -kite - safari - catamaran - yacht.

Yasmin M. Apr 2020

Good internet but the coliving was not at all what was advertised. The coliving space advertised was actually just a hostel (and forget about the swimming pool in the pictures!) I made the mistake of pre-booking for a month, then I was told when I arrived that I would actually be living in an apartment owned by a local guy, when he was also living there (I know a lot of other solo women wouldn’t be comfortable at all being put in this situation.) I wanted to ask for my money back but it was so late in the piece that all the other accommodation in town was booked/too expensive by then, so I couldn’t. My fault for paying in advance, maybe, but you don’t expect something like this to happen (especially since there were lots of good reviews of the coliving space - I since found out that the house those reviews related to had been sold.) The vibe in the workspace wasn’t great, there were lots of random business operated out of the workspace by its owner (not Sebastian - the business has changed hands, despite the new owner not having taken his name off correspondence!). None of the nice extras (surfing lessons, etc) which apparently previously existed. Also lots of construction noise! I understand that it will be the most convenient option for remote workers, especially given the fast internet, but definitely don’t do the coliving thing - it’s a scam.

Stefanie S. Sep 2019

Cool space, lovely people, great vibes, will be back as soon as I can ;-)

raquel C. Sep 2019

this place saved my job! I tried to find in Corralejo a high speed internet service for a whole day , but no way!!! I was desperate, but a friend told me about this place and now I know despite living in this wonderful island with few and slow internet connection I can count on it.Thanks so much!

Dominik Sep 2019

I had a great time here! It's an excellent place to work, I liked the relaxed atmosphere and met inspiring people.

Kirk N. Sep 2019

Great space, reliable internet! Speeds are consistently around 250 - 280 Mbps down. Worked here for a month and it was perfect :) thank you Sebastian for everything!!! Short walk to the harbor and other restaurants - great location.