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About Uko

Across Australia’s trendiest inner-city suburbs, you’ll find UKO - Australia’s leading co-living and build-to-rent property management business. Our apartments are designed with renters in mind, with flexible contracts and all-inclusive rent fees. Each UKO apartment is well-maintained, close to public transport and, of course, home to plenty of communal spaces and like-minded souls. At the center of each community is a dedicated host, who is committed to easing residents into the swing of community life.

UKO is all about embracing community living while also providing you with your own private space when you need some quality alone time. We strive to make life as hassle-free as possible with a single monthly payment that covers all of the boring responsibilities of adulthood: utility bills, WiFi, maintenance, fresh linen, and dedicated housekeeping of the communal spaces. UKO residents also have access to a handy mobile app, which functions as an easy-to-use tool for communication with neighbors.

When you move into UKO, you’re not just changing the building you sleep in or the suburb in which you reside. You are also joining a community of people who want more out of life: more memorable experiences, more authenticity and more time for doing the things they love.

No matter whether you’ve just landed in Australia for a year abroad, have recently moved cities for work or university, or are simply a fan of the idea of co-living: everyone is welcome at UKO.

Uko's latest reviews

Jehad Nov 2021 5.00

This coliving place is well designed, comfy, clean, lovely hosts and great location. The people also were nice and respectful. I enjoyed my staying at this (Home)

Nelson S. Aug 2021 5.00

Best place to live like a real community way. Jamie is a great host, always smiling and being kind. This is the best place that I've been in Sydney.

Annye M May 2021 5.00

My partner and I love our small home in UKO. We are more than happy with this choice. Every space is the perfect design to make you feel happy and comfortable. UKO Stanmore is located in a perfect sub, we have easy access to everything and everywhere, with a bus stop just a minute walk. The community is awesome. Highly recommended!

H. S May 2021 5.00

UKO Stanmore is an amazing place to live and offers a friendly and warm sense of community. The rooms are clean and modern and the public spaces are well kept. The place offers the perfect balance of private and community vibes and is very conveniently located. I'd highly recommend you check it out if you're looking for a furnished flat.

Andy C. Apr 2021 5.00

Fabulous place. Very modern and clean. Friendly people.

Fatema W Mar 2021 5.00

It's been 2 months and I am loving my stay at UKO so far. I feel worth spending my money as they make it so fun to stay in their community. They organize 2-3 events every month for you to socialize and, I have surely made some new friends coming from different parts of the world. Also, completely love how friendly the host is and makes sure of providing you with a comfortable stay. Thank you UKO for giving me a feeling of home away from home :)

Emily H Feb 2021 5.00

Lovely people, great community, love the outdoor area, and socializing with neighbors. Everyone is very friendly and there’s a wide variety of people. Really easy to move-in as they supply everything and the community areas are always clean.

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