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Coliving in Mokrin

Mokrin is a quiet place in the Serbian countryside. It’s perfect for digital nomads that need to decompress or simply get a lot of work done in an ideal coliving space.

The town is very small so you can easily walk around without any issue. Having a car would be ideal if you would like to travel out of town often. The drive to Belgrade is 95 miles. Mokrin is right on the Romanian border, which makes for an exciting day trip, while the Hungarian border is a mere 30 miles away. In winter, the Serbian mountains experience heavy snowfall, which is great for a snowboarding weekend away.

The climate in Mokrin is continental, with cold winters and hot summers. From June to August summers are very pleasant with little rain. The snowy ski season usually runs from December to March.

Options for eating out are limited. There are a handful of restaurants and a local bar to go out for drinks. Food is an integral part of Serbian culture. If there’s a celebration there are endless meals to enjoy. Just make sure to eat everything on your plate or risk insulting the cook. This leaves a great opportunity to meet locals and see what is made in town. If you ask around, you’ll find at least one family near your coliving space that produces delicious artisanal cheese!

Here are some fun facts about Mokrin:

- The town’s name comes from the Serbian word “mokro,” which means “wet”
- In Serbian culture, wealth is often displayed through eating
- It’s host to the World Championships in Egg Cracking - this Easter tradition consists of two people banging painted eggs together. The egg that breaks loses and the winner moves onto the next round. It is obligatory to compete with a chicken egg. This is verified as the winner cracks open their egg, eats half, and the president of the jury eats the other half
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