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16 Jun. 24 Jun.   Pyongyang   North Korea


The concept of Refuga[] is simple: Meet great, like-minded and proactive people from across the world, and share incredible experiences. The goal? Combining amazing people with adventure and experiences that will change our perspective and mindset by coming out of your comfort zone. This way we get to understanding ourselves and the world a little bit better.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or already running a big company, if you have a positive and proactive mindset, we would love to travel with you.

Join us for our adventure to North Korea!

What we will be doing:

* Taking the overnight train from Beijing to Pyongyang
* Visit the DMZ and the "World's Most Dangerous Border"
* Visit local businesses including a big steel factory
* Meet people from the west who do business in North Korea
* Hike a North Korean Mountain
* Hang out with North Koreans and drink local beer
* Explore different parts of North Korea including all big sights
* ... And of course do it all with amazing like-minded people from across the globe

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