Sleep, work and swim in the Cospace paradise of Koh Phangan

Sleep, work and swim in the Cospace paradise of Koh Phangan

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It all started in 2017 with two business-minded individuals celebrating their love while on their honeymoon in Thailand. The very next year, they were already investing in Casa Tropicana, which back then was a restaurant and hostel located in Koh Phangan. Before jumping into the deep sea of entrepreneurship, Elie Assuied worked in a fine dining restaurant in Miami.

You know the feeling when you are an expert in a particular field, and wherever you go, you can’t help but subconsciously evaluate the place. Then you realize that you are the missing ingredient that could take the business to a whole new level. This is how Elie felt when he and his business partner and wife, Emilie, jumped with four feet to purchase Casa Tropicana. A few months and a couple of gorgeous Thailand postcards later, his brother, Benjamin Assuied, decided to visit this paradise on Earth and say hi to the family. 

They agreed to join forces and as the newly formed dream team named Cospace turned Casa Tropicana from an average restaurant and hostel into a World-class coliving space, coworking, and restaurant with the help of their business partner, Martin Suchy.  


Source: – Emilie Assuied, Martin Suchy, Lavin (their first guest), Benjamin Assuied, and Elie Assuied

With the recent addition of their newly appointed CEO, Bjorn Vickard, a business wizard with extensive experience in corporate settings around the world, they are working hard on creating a concept that they can bring to as many people as possible around the world.

The Cospace Pillars

Cospace has two locations in Koh Phangan, with a total amount of 54 beds: Casa Tropicana and Baan Jai Dee both of which are built on the following 4 principles: 

  • Coliving
  • Coworking
  • Community
  • Wellness

They are planning to take over more locations, strictly following the high-quality standards that they set for themselves. This is what differentiates an excellent coliving space from a great one. 

All-inclusive coliving in every way

Cospace is like a small ecosystem within Koh Phangan that offers accommodation for all sorts of budgets. Depending on your personal needs and your desired budget, you can choose a dorm room, a private room, or a 3-bedroom house. 


Cospace – Baan Jai Dee

Cospace is your ideal choice if you want to surround yourself with a mixture of digital nomads, regular tourists, and slow travelers to get the most inspiration out of your coliving experience. It could be exciting for those who work on a product or have marketing clients, as without meeting your ‘target audience’, all you are doing is guesswork. What you can learn is mindblowing when you connect with other humans from different backgrounds at different stages of their lives. 


Cospace – La Casa Tropicana Coworking area

Both of their properties are right next to the beach, but if you don’t want to go that “far”, you can jump into their pool in-between work meetings to take a break. The collections contain no chlorine, so you don’t need to worry about anything wrong happening to your skin or hair when you go for a refreshing swim.


Cospace – La Casa Tropicana

They organize plenty of events to join. You can dance your heart out at their salsa courses or calm your mind and body with yoga practice. 

Maximizing health and fun

Living your best life is not only about succeeding in work, having a great partner, thoroughly enjoying being single, or living in a gorgeous location. It is also about taking good care of yourself. Your mental well-being as well as your physical body. This is the philosophy that Cospace promotes and lives by. 

“We want to be surrounded by productive, happy, healthy people. And with all the different pillars we have put into place, we provide the high-level quality service standards that enable our members to achieve their full potential.”

To ensure they reach this lofty goal, they have partnered with ULU Yoga, the top 10 ranked yoga school in Thailand, offering their members daily drop-in classes and free meditation classes.

ulu yoga 

Yoga lessons at Cospace by ULU Yoga

Staying and working in a tropical paradise can create a massively different lifestyle from working for a corporation in a big city with an 80-hour workweek mindset. When the only focus is work, there is always a huge price to be paid in the end, which is your health, and, ironically, we spend a fortune on restoring it after burning out. Coliving, remote work, and locations like Cospace can perfectly balance work, fun, and well-being. An opportunity to work productively and healthily.

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