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Coliving in Berlin

This incredible German capital has long been an attraction to remote workers who choose to colive here. In fact, only one in four people in this city were born here.
It’s one of the cheapest places to live in and houses around 4 million people within its 345 square miles.
There are an amazing 180 museums in Berlin and over a thousand late night stores. It’s home to musicians, artists and nomads.
The club scene attracts over 40,000 people every weekend – with vending machines selling flat shoes for €9 for those who don’t want to end the evening in high heels!
Food and drink are readily available, with the Berlin Beer Festival a yearly highlight and doner kebabs shops everywhere. Berlin also has a large vegan population.
There is a wonderful transport infrastructure here – with the U-Bahn train system and frequent buses – running day and night.
When you are not working, why not visit one of Berlin’s nine castles? Or perhaps take in the longest open-air gallery in the world – the East Side Gallery.

It’s easy to see why nomads, entrepreneurs and remote workers choose to come to Berlin – after all, it’s where the computer was invented!

Fun Facts about Berlin:
· It’s illegal to smoke in the street but legal in bars
· You can purchase gold from an ATM machine
· Look for the “little traffic light men” at pedestrian lights
· The Queen of Prussia is buried here
· You can rent a museum for parties
· The flushing toilet was invented here
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