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The scoop on the pet-friendly coliving scene in the US

It’s hard enough finding accommodation on your own, let alone with your beloved pet. Landlords have to consider how pet-friendly rooms for rent may affect the cleanliness, safety and overall noise levels on their property.

That said, millions of people around the world and especially in the US live with their pets. Apartments.com surveyed 1,000 people across the States and found that 90% said they had a pet and 80% noted that a pet-friendly policy in their chosen accommodation was a must. On a broader scale, 62% of American households report caring for at least one pet. 

Pet owners who live in pet-friendly houses for rent often have to pay an additional fee for the potential risk that a pet brings. Known as “pet rent”, landlords often tack on an average of $35/month to pet owners to cover any potential damage or wear and tear your pet may cause. Some also ask for a pet security deposit, often in the range of $100-$600.

While there are many landlords who refuse pets, luckily there are several pet-friendly rooms and pet-friendly coliving spaces for rent in most cities throughout America.

pet friendly coliving

In this article, we’re going to outline the most pet-friendly cities in the US, explain how to find a roommate as a pet owner and detail three pet-friendly coliving spaces for your consideration.

Pet-friendly cities in the US

Overall, America is a very pet-friendly country. As noted above, approximately 2/3 of the population own pets and cumulatively spent $72 billion on caring for them in 2019. 

Because the US has such a dynamic landscape that includes some of the biggest cities in the world, the costs associated with pet-friendly living vastly differ from place to place. 

WalletHub compared the 100 most populated cities across the States and came up with scores based on 24 metrics including pet budget-friendliness, pet health and wellness and outdoor pet-friendliness. 

Scottsdale, Arizona took the prize while Los Angeles came in 27th, San Francisco came in 41st and New York came in 54th. 

Top US cities for pet-friendly rental options

While the aforementioned survey takes many important factors into account, it does not measure results based on pet-friendly rental options.

Real-estate site Trulia ranked pet-friendliness in cities throughout the States based on the largest rental markets. They considered factors such as landlords allowing pets, the lowest pet fees (pet rent and deposit) charged by landlords, how many vets, dog walkers and grooming services were available in the area, and more.

Based on their findings, San Francisco took the top prize. According to Trulia’s research, the average pet deposit in the Bay Area is only $57. In terms of the rate of landlords allowing pets, they found that 26% allow cats, 17% allow small dogs and 4% allow large dogs.

rental markets with most pet stores  

Image Source: Trulia 

San Francisco is also incredibly pet-friendly outside of your accommodation. The city allows dogs on the trolley, in many restaurants and even in some gyms! San Fran is also home to DogFest, an annual event at one of the city’s most pet-friendly parks where dogs compete for Best Trick, Best Costume, Best Ears, Best Bark and more. All dogs are welcome to compete for a small fee of $20. 

Events like this are what make pet-friendly cities so fun. San Francisco is an all-inclusive, pet-accessible, open city whose landlords understand the importance of pet ownership and care.

Seattle, Denver, Oakland and Portland rounded out the top 5 on Trulia’s list, while New York came in 8th and Los Angeles came in 16th.

Size and breed sometimes matter

Unfortunately when it comes to pet-friendly renting, the bigger your animal, the less likely the landlord is to accept them. 

Nationwide, just 4% of landlords officially welcome big dogs (more than 50lbs) in their units. That’s because they’re worried that bigger pets can cause more wear and tear in the space. Yet, the majority of pet owners are responsible and will do everything they can to ensure their pet causes minimal damage. 

There is also the unfortunate reality of breed restrictions based on public stigma towards certain dog types. These restrictions are often based on fear, rather than fact. But this puts landlords in a difficult place, as they have a business to run and risk losing tenants if they find they are scared of certain breeds.

Combatting rental barriers

Many landlords are pet lovers themselves but are worried about the state of their pet-friendly rooms if an untrained pet were to tear up a rug, for example. They also have to do their best to ease the minds of all of their renters, especially when it comes to anxiety over certain breeds.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recommends reaching out to landlords even if they state they won’t accept pets. A friendly conversation may be all you need to convince them that your pet will not cause any problems.

One way to ease their worries is by creating a Pet Resume to show off your pet’s best qualities. You can also ask your landlord if they’d be willing to meet your pet to help ease any concerns. You never know what may come from that conversation or meeting.

Pet resume to find a pet-friendly coliving spaces to stay

How to find a roommate in a pet-friendly unit as a pet owner

There are plenty of resources available to help you find a roommate as a pet owner. 

The Animal Humane Society, for example, lists several rental websites that display listings that specify whether or not pets are allowed.

Coliving also has many pet-friendly coliving spaces available. To simplify your search, they allow you to filter for coliving spaces that are pet-friendly. To locate this filter, choose your desired city, click “more filters”, then “house rules” and select “Pets are welcome”.

Things to consider when moving into pet-friendly coliving with a pet and roommates

It’s important that you ponder many factors when moving into a pet-friendly rental space with your pet and other people. First and foremost, you must respect your roommates as you are all sharing space.

Whether in a traditional lease or a pet-friendly coliving space, you’ll be living with other people that have varying degrees of familiarity and comfort levels when it comes to pets. Have an open and honest conversation with your new roommates about how they feel, what they are willing to tolerate, and so on, in order to ensure everybody is on the same page and happy.

Work schedule and location

If you have to work from a physical office space, it’s important that you consider how leaving a pet home with your roommates may affect them. The last thing you want to do is assume that your roommates will take responsibility for feeding or walking your animal when you’re not there.

Some ways to combat this are by scheduling breaks in your day to come home and be with your animal, hiring a dog walker, putting your dog in doggy daycare, or working from home.

If you do work from home, pet-friendly coliving spaces with coworking units inside are a fantastic choice. This way, you’ll not only get to spend more time with your pet, but you’ll gain an inspiring community of remote workers, entrepreneurs and even startup teams to spend your workday with. This can significantly boost productivity levels and motivate you to produce fantastic output.


Of course, you need enough money to not only feed and care for yourself but also your furry friend. You’ll want to choose a pet-friendly rental situation that’s affordable but also big enough for both you, your pet and your roommates.

This is where pet-friendly coliving spaces can really help you out. Coliving spaces are often more affordable than traditional rental scenarios as they give you the option to share a large space with multiple people that are partitioning resources. They also do not require any pet fees, which can help you save cash from month to month. 

If you work from home you’ll also save money as you won’t need to pay for an additional coworking space or spend money on beverages when working in a coffee shop. 


Are you more of a homebody or an outdoor enthusiast? Do you plan on taking your dog out to the park to release energy, or will you play mostly inside?

These are important things to know before you look for roommates or a pet-friendly coliving space. If you are a homebody and your roommates are too, an apartment can feel really small if you’re all there 24/7. But, if you’re an outdoorsy person who’s often out and about with your animal, having roommates that are home often won’t matter as much.

When it comes to a coliving space, you’ll want to consider the types of people you’ll be living with. If you are moving in with creatives who will have precious art supplies in common spaces, bringing in a rambunctious larger dog may be a distraction. But, if you are moving in with a group of people without expensive equipment to protect, that could be a better-suite for a high-energy breed.


It’s also essential to consider your location in proximity to parks, animal services and pet-friendly scenes (i.e. restaurants, bars, etc.). 

If your pet is a high-energy breed, living close to a dog park will be key. But if you have a small dog breed or a cat, proximity to outdoor spaces won’t matter nearly as much.

Consider your surroundings and how that will affect your lifestyle when choosing a location. You want to place yourself close enough to the activities and spaces that enhance both you and your pet’s life. 

3 pet-friendly coliving spaces

There are several pet-friendly coliving spaces with locations across the globe. We’ve chosen our top three picks in the US that you can find on Coliving.com.

#1. In Downtown LA, this 5-resident pet-friendly coliving space near to Little Tokyo/Art District is perfect for creatives. Designed with the ambiance of a boutique hotel, it is the perfect setup for creative professionals and their pets. The coliving team not only manages innovative short-term and long-term coliving homes, but they also act as an agency partner to their residents. Within the unit, they offer fully-furnished private/shared bedrooms, curated experiential events, free utilities, a co-working space, a video production studio and camera equipment. It also has a large backyard with grass. This outdoor space is the perfect size for letting your pet run around and release some energy. 

#2. Just outside Manhattan, NY this coliving space for students, digital nomads and young professionals can host up to 26 residents and their pets at a time. Their goal is to simplify the process of moving to NYC for tech startups, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers, professionals, students, and anyone looking to move to a new city and meet new people. They’ve built up a robust community that offers both general and professional networking opportunities for its residents. It has a large outdoor space which is perfect for owners looking to give their pets fresh air throughout their day. 

#3. In San Diego, CA, this coliving space for collaborative coliving for creatives and young professionals accepts three residents at a time. The community focuses on collaboration and peaceful coexistence. In the house, there is on-site music and art studio, a large communal area catered to inspire both relaxation and productivity, a coworking space and a decently sized courtyard with a brand new wooden deck (perfect for your pet to relax on). The coliving space operators host regular community dinners, outings, gatherings, and enrichment events. The property is gated, ensuring that your pet cannot escape and will be safe.

Finding the purrfect place to live

Having a pet shouldn’t hinder your ability to find affordable accommodation in America. There are several landlords and coliving spaces out there ready to accept you and your pet with open arms.

To find the perfect pet-friendly coliving space today, head over Coliving.com and use the “Pets are welcome” filter to aid your search.

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