Why coliving?

Why coliving?

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Why Coliving? Live, work, and play with like-minded people.

Coliving can be a lot of things for a lot of different people. For many professionals, it is the chance to extend their network or engage in team-building in a new environment. For some, coliving takes on a more personal tone. It can be a chance to reinstate balance to a busy work schedule or a moment to cultivate new relationships through sharing.

Workers today are questioning the rhyme and reason behind work more than ever. Younger generations have had to embrace change and thus quickly adapt to less-than-perfect economic circumstances. But, the need for rapid change has seen various positive outcomes, such as developing a booming global coworking scene and, more recently, coliving.

As the concept of collaboration over competition has become more commonplace, there is now a global community of professionals who wouldn’t do it any other way. This flexible and imaginative workforce is looking to test the boundaries of the modern workforce and is open to sharing more than just a desk. Rather than just working for the weekend, workers want to bring the joys of the weekend into the workplace.

Coliving is not just fun and games.

Many digital nomads swear by their time out of the office. Those permitted to work remotely can now turn to coworking and coliving when they need to step away from their routine. Our very human need to change scenery every once in a while is no longer only associated with lack of commitment, but rather it’s associated with workplace wellbeing and productivity.

why coliving? community members are working together

While coliving may seem like a vacation at first, many spaces are set up for those who need to get things done. Platforms like Roam, a startup with a global network of coliving spaces, encourage productivity by offering members a fully equipped workspace in a homey environment. Digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and companies can choose from various locations without stressing logistics. One of the reasons coliving spaces have become so popular is because they provide high-quality and dedicated workspaces so members can relax and focus on their experience without worrying whether they can connect to Wifi.

Places like Hacker Paradise know how important work is, but they also value time off. Taking care of logistics, like accommodation, functional workspace, and community curation, the Hacker Paradise team allows participants to focus on getting to know one another and creating room for fruitful collaborations flow.

Live together, grow together.

Ready or not, joining a coliving space immediately becomes part of a vibrant community. Luckily, those new to coliving can expect their housemates to be there for a similar reason. No matter the reason for coliving, the movement attracts a specific type of person who is curious, open, and ready for a change. Through common understanding, coliving spaces are home to ready-made communities. Those who have been on the road alone for a while can ease their loneliness by joining a coliving space. In the case of companies that work closely together, meeting new people and forming potential partnerships can be an enriching professional experience.

As everyone has different needs, coliving spaces are designed to offer various programs, workshops, and activities. In addition, many spaces have a set of guidelines that they expect participants to follow. House rules can help participants get the most out of their experience, as there is a sense of order and clarity that colivers can abide by. One of the benefits of coliving is having the chance to grow by learning how others live. Making sure that basics are covered, like designated quiet hours and cleanliness, keeps members from having unnecessary disagreements.

While coliving is not for everyone, it’s important to remember even those who are not outwardly social can still greatly benefit (and enjoy) the experience of living with others. For those who might prefer to spend their time alone, coliving can be an excellent way to learn in a new moment and throughout their everyday lives. Whether extroverted or introverted, colivers can benefit from each other’s differences, which is a great life lesson no matter where you are in your career or personal life.

Understanding play as a form of productivity

The way of the working world in countries that have undergone an Industrial Revolution is often focused on getting a job that will pay the bills until you retire. Added pressure comes from being made to feel that you need to love what you do. The combination creates a one size fits all model for success, which, let’s face it, doesn’t work. The rise of precarious work has led workers to question the path to success. For example, financial incentives are no longer the only way to keep workers happy; instead, allowing them to enjoy themselves is vital.

A considerable part of the coliving model is focused on play. While coliving spaces are commonly built for professionals, the foundation of coliving is based on relationships cultivated through experience. Like traveling to a new country, or learning a new skill, bonding with a new person can be just as inspiring. Rather than just saying hello on your way to the office, coliving gives you a chance to meet your new coworkers through sharing experiences. Or rather, going on an adventure and playing together.

Many coliving spaces organize day trips and excursions. Sun Desk is an excellent example of a coliving space trying to locate the ideal work/life balance. The Moroccan-based spaces take advantage of the natural surroundings and local community. They offer surfing in partnership with the local surf school or day trips to the local markets and surrounding areas, which are great ways to get to know your neighbor, inside and out.

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