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Price from $788 to $1,251 / month

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Habyt was founded in Berlin, in 2017. The idea behind it was born by experiencing how complex and frustrating finding a house can be. Bureaucracy, dispersed information, high set up costs and difficult flatmates.

We started with one apartment in Berlin. Now, through hassle-free sign up, standardized design and a community of like-minded people, we have hundreds of rooms in multiple European cities and we plan to offer a great housing experience to an ever-increasing number of people across the globe.

We always take on the responsibility of what is within our scope of action, never blame others for our mistakes and always share successes.

Our team strives towards an ego-free environment. No task is too small, no responsibility is too big. We always do what's best for our tenants.

Sharing honest and selfless feedback is the key to maintain a healthy and effective team. Everyone is encouraged to bring their opinion to the table.

Hard Work
Working hard is the path toward great things. Bring your full focus and effort at Habyt and you will get all the trust from us to work your way.

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Paula W Jan 2021

Initially, it was a great experience, until we were told that they are giving up our house and we have to move out in 6 weeks. Then, on short notice, we were told that we have to move out 2 days before the end of the month. This was quite a stressful experience, especially in Berlin where it is almost impossible to find another place on short notice. Unfortunately, this was also in the early stages of the COVID pandemic, which made losing one's home and trying to find a new one.

yassine S. Oct 2020

Overall good. Appliances are somewhat basic as the furniture. Besides that things have been handled properly and quickly most of the time. There has been a mismatch of expectations, at least on my side. Hence the rating. Plus it might be nice if the idea is housing as a service to offer more options overall as also the platform is mainly a couple of forms to get in touch, update your profile, and little more.

Reid L. Oct 2020

Very good service!

Till J. Oct 2020

Edit: Habyt reached out to me, apologized, and refunded the money immediately. It was not a pleasurable incident, however, the handling of it was fast and without any discussion. Apart from that, I had a good stay at Habyt Madrid. I waited 30 days for my 1000€ deposit as agreed, Habyt did not transfer it. So I sent a couple of reminder emails. No response. I called the Habyt worker who helped me book the loft, when it was about booking the loft he was very responsive now that I asked him when I would receive my deposit he blocked me and does not answer the phone anymore. The flat itself was alright, smaller than in the pictures and it continually smelled bad from the shower. It may be because of the heat in Madrid during summer however still not acceptable considering the price tag. The area it is located in is very local.

Natasha K. Sep 2020

Habyt as a concept and an apartment system is well-done. If you want cheap rent in the middle of a city with everything included (cleaning service per week, free wifi, fully furnished,) then Habyt is the way to go. However if you want to receive your deposit money in time when you check out, then I do not recomment Habyt, specifically Habyt Madrid. They work with the Madrid real estate investment company VBARE, and VBARE has the worst deposit system. Habyt promised me that when I checked out on 20/08/2020, they will refund my deposit within 2 weeks. However, that changed and they said that VBARE can only refund it on 22/09/2020. Even though it was critical to my situation, I said fine. On the 22nd, VBARE said that they will send out the money on the 23rd. Now it's the 25th and they just finally transferred the deposit back to my bank account. It takes one month and a half for me to receive my money back.Don't know if people are aware but we are living in a pandemic and a lot of people have tough economic situations. Frankly, I don't have a lot of money in hand, and getting back the deposit refund as soon as possible was crucial for me. I live from paycheck to paycheck. To hold people's money like that for extended periods of time is unwise and unfair. I hope Habyt seriously reconsiders partnering with VBARE for their Madrid apartments because I really hope no one goes through the same thing that I did.

Sebastian F. Sep 2020

Nice Apartments, good locations but pretty expensive and the service still has quite a ways to go.They do not give tenants an emergency phone line and the email support only works mon - fri.

Martin H. Jun 2020

Excellent service - very friendly staff, flexible, helpful and fast. I moved to Berlin from a different city to start in a new and demanding job. In this situation coliving was the perfect solution, since I only had to bring my personal belongings. With the cleaning service and the operational team I was able to completely focus on my work and still maintain a good social life to get started in a new city.I didn‘t have any issues in all the time here that couldn’t be solved quickly and hassle-free. Many thanks to the team!

Simon B. Jun 2020

Super schöne Wohnungen in tollen Lagen!

Justine A. Jun 2020

If you plan or just moved to Berlin and do the absolue minimum in terms of finding a nice housing, use this. My place was nice, clean and did not have to bother about all the administrative stuff like internet etc... (and believe me in Berlin it’s something you don’t wanna do if you are a foreigner). I left my place 6 months ago and the support team still reply my emails. Great quality service.

Eva R. Apr 2020

Beautiful flats and super nice team!