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Coliving in Bern

If you feel most at home in historical cities, Bern in Switzerland may be just the place for your next digital nomad adventure. A trendy hub for coliving communities, Bern offers top class dining, rotating cultural events, and a thriving sense of spirit and adventure. Set to accommodate tourists and those seeking short-term and long-term options, Bern has hundreds of unique features like the Bernaqua, which is a water park
and spa experience. Hailed as a “citadel of culture,” Bern is an ideal place for remote workers seeking to immerse themselves in art and music. According to legend, Bern’s founder Berchtold V promised to name the city after the first animal he met. He first encountered a bear. However, some historians believe Bern was named for Italy’s Verona, which was called Bern in Middle High German. Recent archaeological discoveries have again connected Bern to the bear, reinforcing its connection to the animal via its Bärengraben, or live bear pit. (And yes, you can still see
bears here, though contemporary additions have provided more natural and humane spaces for the large animals.) Bern is known as “The Bear Capital.”

Fun facts about Bern:
- 130,000 people live in Bern. You’ll have everything you need here without the bustle of a booming city like New York.
- The entire Old Town area of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can explore history regularly when you stay here long or short term.
- Most Bern residents speak German, but some speak Italian and French as their first languages.
- The tallest cathedral spire in Switzerland is in Bern and it takes 222 steps to get to the top of it.

Considering a European adventure as a digital nomad? Coliving is trendy in Bern right now: it’s a great time to find a community of remote workers to explore Bern with. There are sure to be many meetups and social events to get to know other like-minded professionals.