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Coliving in Budapest

Budapest is a popular destination in Europe for digital nomads, with a variety of coliving spaces and a vibrant international community. An enchanting city to walk around, Budapest is full of character and beauty. You will have plenty to explore when you visit Budapest, from the Roman baths to majestic buildings like the Buda Castle. The city has hundreds of cool bars, cafes, and restaurants to choose from, all at reasonable prices. As you immerse yourself in the city, you’ll discover that there is a friendly community of location independent workers and digital nomads here. You won’t need to worry about finding and connecting with like-minded people. There are always meet-ups and social events happening, and coliving spaces here are sure to host some of their own events. Budapest is a large city, so you’ll need to rely on the public transport system to get around. You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s reliable and very affordable – a monthly ticket is around €27. Just make sure to keep your ticket on you at all times, due to spot checks!

Here are some interesting facts you should know about Budapest:
- Budapest is both the largest city and the capital of Hungary.
- 1.75 million people call Budapest home.
- The area of Budapest has been inhabited since the 9 th century.
- Budapest played a major role in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 and the Battle of Budapest in 1945.
- The city of Budapest was officially formed from the merging of three separate cities, Buda, Obuda, and Pest – hence the name.
- More than a million people ride the tram system in Budapest every day.
- Budapest is home to the Museum of Fine Arts, the Hungarian National Museum, and the Hungarian State Opera House.
- There are over 80 geothermal springs in the city of Budapest.
- The underground subway system in Budapest dates back over 100 years, to 1896. It is the second oldest subway in Europe, after London.
- Lángos, a traditional savory snack of deep-fried bread, smothered in grated cheese and garlic butter, is a must-try local dish.

Budapest is a beautiful, culturally rich location, and it’s fast becoming a real hub for digital nomads. The cheap public transport and low cost of staying at one of the coliving spaces make it an enticing choice for your next destination.
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