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About Aoma Coliving

AOMA is designed to help you connect to your life force through nature, inspiration, and interconnection.
Mindfully built for digital nomads and remote workers, optimized to the nuances of a transient lifestyle.

Inspired by the Japanese concept of “Ma,” which translates as “the space in-between,” we aim to facilitate personal transformation through the deliberate act of pausing.

We believe that architecture and design can act as vehicles of wellness and connection. Our mission is to serve as a vessel of well-being, authentic connection, and positive environmental impact created through mindful space design, community curation, and sustainable building practices.

We invite our guests to experience AOMA to reset their relationship with themselves, the spaces they inhabit, and the environment.

Environmental stewardship and social inclusion are core values of AOMA. We adapted a holistic approach aiming to create sustainable, resilient, long-lasting value for all stakeholders which encompasses transportation, resource and energy efficient construction, restorative material lifecycle, resident well-being, regenerative landscaping, and local community involvement.
AOMA is the first residential project in Portugal to achieve the prestigious LEED Gold Certification for Sustainable buildings.
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