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Casa Flor Raiz

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About Casa Flor Raiz

Casa Flor Raiz is a guesthouse and a school-house of sustainable and regenerative practices, in Florianópolis-SC. Here we offer welcoming accommodation and space for classes, courses and eco-experiences.
The House is part of the Flor Raiz Institute and was designed and built by the founders, brick by brick, with a lot of reuse, creativity and art, based on the fundamentals of urban permaculture, deep ecology and regenerative culture.
Here we cultivate a community spirit, nurturing a lot of care and respect for all beings, integrating nature inside and outside of us.
We are a Zero Waste House – we manage waste, carry out composting and cultivate our vegetable garden and medicinal garden. We practice minimalism and encourage the reduction of consumption, the use of plastic and non-waste.
In addition to our own activities, Casa Flor Raiz is also open to partnerships. Talk to us!
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