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An authentic 12th century castle meets the remote work revolution to create a vibrant home for location independent professionals & travel lovers! Located in the heart of Normandy, easily accessible from Paris and the UK, chateau coliving gives you the space and quietness to concentrate on your projects, without missing out on social life and fun activities!

At Chateau Coliving you’ll find the easy going and friendly atmosphere of a coliving, in the lush aristocratic setting of a castle!

Château Coliving's latest reviews

Guy P Apr 2024 5.00

I had an absolutely incredible experience staying at this coliving space – it’s a stunning place with gorgeous rooms and dreamy shared spaces, offering a real sense of community and camaraderie. During my time here, I got to enjoy hikes, bike rides, communal feasts, yoga, and even participated in a murder mystery event, all the while being productive with my work!

This was my initial foray into coliving and it completely won me over. I’m eagerly looking forward to exploring more coliving spaces, and I am certainly planning a return visit to this one soon!

Anastasia S Mar 2024 5.00

Magical oasis with pure nature, timeless elegance from the 12th century, and farm-fresh food choices.

I felt at home surrounded by friendly nomads. This coliving space is an ideal environment for both work and a mental reset, offering a blend of retreat, creativity, awakening, and rejuvenation.

Cesare P Feb 2024 5.00

I recently had the opportunity to stay in a historic coliving space in Normandy, and my experience was nothing short of amazing! The location is perfectly nestled amidst enchanting landscapes, offering a unique blend of ancient charm with a vibrant modern community feel.

As soon as I walked into this majestic establishment, I was struck by the timeless beauty and the tranquil atmosphere it exudes. With the perfect combination of historic character and modern conveniences, it's a place that not only inspires creativity but also enhances productivity — every remote worker's dream.

The rooms are spacious, giving me plenty of room to work comfortably and unwind when needed. The communal spaces, buzzing with energy and life, provide fantastic opportunities for networking and entertainment. There's a sense of community here that's hard to find elsewhere. Even though many of us were here for a month or more, it was easy to make connections and build friendships, from sharing meals together to engaging in thoughtful conversations in cozy common areas.

A shoutout to the staff, whose kindness and hospitality made my experience truly exceptional. Their attention to detail and eagerness to assist with any need makes you feel welcome from the start.

Being surrounded by such stunning scenery and the area's rich history offered constant inspiration, and the grounds were perfect for leisurely walks to recharge.

For anyone looking for a space where work and leisure harmonize beautifully, this Normandy coliving space is the place to be. It's ideal for digital nomads, freelancers, and anyone working remotely. I left feeling both inspired and refreshed and am already looking forward to my next visit!

Alexandre N Jan 2024 5.00

I had a fantastic stay here. The historical architecture, breathtaking scenery, and vibrant community made a lasting impression on me during my month here. What truly stood out was the overwhelming sense of belonging I experienced. It felt like a holiday among friends, offering a unique departure from what one would typically expect from traditional accommodations. The sense of community and understanding of the nomadic lifestyle by the host made it an enriching experience. Katia and Emmanuel, in particular, were incredibly receptive and supportive, fostering an environment that truly caters to those with a wanderlust spirit. Their approach could certainly serve as inspiration for others embarking on running coliving spaces.

Rebecca B Jan 2024 5.00

I absolutely adore this coliving space! My journey with coliving started here when I stayed for a couple of months. The experience was so transformative that I felt compelled to return the next year, this time as part of the team. The atmosphere here is exceptional; it's not every day you get to stay in a place that feels like a fairytale setting. Whether you're here solo, as a couple, with family, working for yourself or a company, or even if you have a pet or simply love animals, this place caters to all. The sense of community is unparalleled, and I'm eagerly looking forward to my next visit!

Rositsa H Jan 2024 5.00

I absolutely loved my time at this coliving. The setting has a wonderful, almost magical vibe that's so unique. It's an excellent spot to meet new people and get some remote work done.

Alexandrina K Jan 2024 5.00

I've found my paradise here as a digital nomad. The coliving and coworking experience is so unique; this is my third time staying for a month. The community is wonderful, filled with lovely people, and the surrounding nature is simply amazing!

Alexander G Jan 2024 5.00

I've found a digital nomad's paradise! This unique place offers an amazing vibe for remote coliving and coworking. I appreciate the quiet nature surrounding the area, which makes it perfect for concentration and relaxation. The atmosphere here is just incredible.

Bianca Jan 2024 5.00

I've been working and traveling for over two years now and have had the opportunity to visit many coliving spaces. This coliving is probably the most special place I've been to. The surrounding area is superb, and planning some nice day trips was very easy. I felt very inspired there, and the work flowed smoothly. Thanks to the hosts for having me, and I will definitely be back as soon as possible. 🥰

Tobias H Jan 2024 5.00

Living in a castle surrounded by nature and deer was like a dream come true. The amazing community atmosphere here made every day special. I especially enjoyed the engaging activities arranged by the host, like day trips to beaches and cultural sites—I even participated in treasure hunts and joined in on game and movie nights. I can highly recommend this coliving space for a great experience.

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