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Colonies is a coliving start-up founded in 2017 in France. Our aim is to rethink the way we live in cities.

At Colonies, we strive to create cozy homes away from home for international young professionals starting a new life and career in Berlin/Paris. Beyond providing homey nests with private bathrooms and kitchenettes to our clients, we also want to make sure that they'll feel welcome upon their arrival in Berlin/Paris. Therefore, we also create community spaces in our houses, where our tenants have the possibility to gather with other housemates and to make connections and friends over a dinner party, brunch or a movie-night.

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Bashar A Oct 2020 5.00

It is expensive and not worth the money paid for the quality or service provided.

Mamsey C. Jun 2020 5.00

It's the easiest and fastest process I've ever seen when looking for a place ! And you really have this "I am finally home ! ?" feeling when you arrive with only your suitcase! Give it a try, really !

Simon F. Mar 2020 5.00

This is the future of city living: everything is taken care of and you get to meet great people!

Raquel H. Mar 2020 5.00

All-inclusive homes, excellent service, conveniently positioned. Excellent for new arrivals in new cities.

Carlos A. Feb 2020 5.00

new sharing long term flat . in very comfortable places. have a look.
if you try this place you will never go back to live on your own.

Arthur L. Sep 2018 5.00

Very well thought out spaces!

Sicard G. Sep 2018 5.00

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