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Price from $950 to $1,150 / month

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About Hive Coliving

We believe that a strong network can positively affect someone’s success in life. Simply put, who you know and surround yourself with is everything! That’s why we started Tribe Coliving, a place to live where you can make meaningful connections.

Prices start at $1,000 for shared rooms & $1,600 for private rooms. Our prices include utilities, furnishings, kitchen and bathroom supplies, and weekly community events.

5 Cool Features at Tribe:

1. Fully Furnished: memory foam mattresses, living room furniture, kitchen supplies, cleaning service, free laundry and more!
2. Communal space galore! Work Space, Lounge Space, TV Room, and Game Room
3. Diverse Vetted Community: 30+ countries, various professions & interests, 600+ alumni
4. Community Events: Weekly dinners, snack nights, networking opportunities, game nights and more!
5. Flexible Lease Options: 2-month minimum lease term, up to 1 year.

Hive Coliving's latest reviews

Nigel V Aug 2023 5.00

I had a fantastic experience relocating to this coliving space, especially since I arrived in San Francisco not knowing anyone. It's an incredibly easy way for me to meet many other young individuals.

William S Aug 2023 5.00

This is such a wonderful community! The team is great at what they do, and they're somehow able to consistently put together a group of people who get along well and build each other up. Few residences are as well-utilized for the benefit of the residents as this one.

Nick L Aug 2023 5.00

I absolutely love the community here!

Rohun S Apr 2023 5.00

Instant friends. Quiet hours are adhered to. Never had to wait for a bathroom, shower, or sink.

Ikhlas A Apr 2023 5.00

What can I say, the pictures speak for themselves :)

saran K Nov 2022 5.00

Cool place to stay if you're new to San Francisco and want to have a social life. I recommend exploring this coliving.

Martine Z Oct 2022 5.00

Beautiful and rich experience with amazing people from all around the world.
Definitely worth it for those who are looking for a crazy adventure.

Albert H. Nov 2021 5.00

Very nice place, tenants welcome new tenants and have a family/college vibe , lovely place to move from overseas or anywhere

Raymond Blanch Kongnyuy M. Nov 2021 4.00

Vibrant community! always ready to support everyone.

Danny H. Sep 2021 5.00

Amazing place.

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