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About Hub Hoi An

Hub Hoi An is the first coworking space in Hoi An (Vietnam) located between the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An and the beautiful An Bang beach. Our space is nestled in the small An My village and faces lush green rice paddies of the Hoi An area.
Our intention is to create a collaborative and thriving community of coworkers who believe in the location independent movement of entrepreneurs, digital nomads, remote freelancers and brave creatives.

Hub Hoi An's latest reviews

Daniele F Mar 2024 5.00

I had the best coworking experience here and I can't wait to return! The view is amazing and the activities offered are so lovely. Make sure to book in advance!

Additionally, the chef here is incredibly good and kind, making the whole experience even more amazing.

Kim C Mar 2024 5.00

I'm generally more of an introvert and not naturally inclined towards group activities. However, the warmth and inclusivity of this coliving space won me over, a testament to the dedicated efforts of the community manager. Engaging with people from all corners of the globe, whether it's by the coffee station, over board games, during lunch, or while enjoying boat karaoke, has been an incredible experience. While it's an absolutely beautiful place to work from, with stunning views of the rice fields, what really makes it special is the nurturing environment created by the community manager and fellow coworkers. The sense of community here has transformed my stay into something truly remarkable.

Bert Mar 2024 4.00

I have been staying here for a month, and overall, it's a place where you can indeed get your work done. The location is spectacular, starting my day cycling through the rice fields always sets a positive tone.

The place can get busy, which indicates some areas for improvement. Given the premium expectation linked to the cost, I look forward to enhanced services.

The most significant challenges for me were during calls. WiFi issues, noise, and wind interfering with my microphone presented hurdles, although they are working on constructing phone booths to address this - they're just not available yet.

WiFi generally held up well, except at peak times when the place was full. Equipment also leaves room for improvement; evening lighting is insufficient, and seating varies greatly in comfort and condition, suggesting an update is essential. Consideration for security, such as the addition of cameras, would also be beneficial.

Despite these points, the overwhelming success of this coliving space seems to have outpaced their ability to keep up with demand and process optimization, which feels like a growing pain they are experiencing.

The community life is vibrant, with plenty of activities, events, and networking opportunities. The staff is incredibly friendly, albeit stretched thin at times.

Food and drink offerings are satisfying; though similarly priced options are available elsewhere, they remain reasonably affordable here.

L W Mar 2024 5.00

I had such an amazing experience with the lovely community and beautiful space nestled in a serene setting. The level of community management truly impressed me, with a plethora of activities available but nothing felt forced. The food was absolutely incredible, and I found the coconut coffees dangerously addictive. Plus, the recent upgrade to the WiFi made my online tasks nice and smooth.

I appreciated the mix of open spaces, along with areas designed for louder collaboration and quieter work. This created a really productive yet relaxed atmosphere that suited my needs perfectly.

I'll definitely be returning for another stay of at least a month to soak up more of this wonderful coliving experience.

Deborah C Mar 2024 5.00

I've been having an incredible experience at this coliving space thanks to Shelley and the team. They've done an outstanding job of creating a warm family and community atmosphere, which makes staying here even more special. The views from the property are simply breathtaking and add so much value to my time here. If it were possible, I'd give this place ten stars! 🙏

Bastien S Feb 2024 5.00

I had a wonderful time at this coliving space. The coworking area was top-notch, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a productive and collaborative environment. The facilities were well-maintained, and the community vibe made it easy to connect with others. I stayed for a month, and I was impressed with the overall experience and the support provided by the host.

Georg S Feb 2024 5.00

I had a great experience working in the coliving space with a view overlooking the rice fields. The atmosphere was both calming and inspiring, and it definitely enhanced my productivity. The hosts were always ready to help and made sure that my stay was comfortable. I felt very much at home and appreciated the communal areas where I could interact with other guests. I stayed here for a month and it was exactly what I needed to focus on my work without any distractions.

mitchwren Feb 2024 5.00

I had an amazing experience at this coliving space! The people here, especially Shelley and Dung, are absolutely top-tier and made my stay incredible. I was here for a month and could easily see myself staying longer. Phenomenal atmosphere and community.

Emre B Jan 2024 5.00

I recently stayed at a coliving space for a month and was dazzled by the experience. The location was serene, nestled alongside rice fields with breathtaking sunsets and expansive views. This coliving offered a choice between two rooms for working, including a quiet room for deep focus. Outdoor working spots were also available, adding a nice touch for those who enjoy being in nature. The living area was a warm and inviting space to socialize, dine, and connect with others.

One highlight for me was the 24-hour access to the coworking space. It allowed the flexibility to begin my day early or to continue working into the night, a feature that proved to be incredibly beneficial.

What truly sets this place apart, though, is the community. I encountered a number of inspiring, friendly, and kind people that have left a lasting impression and with whom I hope to reconnect in the future. The social events, driven by the suggestions and interests of the community members, foster a collaborative environment that's both dynamic and engaging.

My stay was nothing short of amazing, and the existence of such a vibrant coliving space brings me immense joy. I am certain that I will return to this special place.

Nathaniel B. Jan 2024 5.00

I had a wonderful experience staying here! Working in the glasshouse was a lot of fun, and there were always plenty of activities to partake in, like ice baths, yoga, and weekend trips. Planning activities was a collaborative effort, allowing us to share ideas based on our own interests or areas of expertise. Overall, I would eagerly stay again and recommend this coliving space to others.

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