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Milica K Mar 2022 5.00

Great place with great people and amazing food. They really stay true to their name and have this alternative way of working that is very admirable. Also, I recommend the surfing lesson for beginners that they have on their offer.

Johnny B Mar 2022 5.00

Super friendly staff and great atmosphere! I loved hanging by the pool and meeting new people. It was also within walking distance of a Mcdonald's. I would highly recommend this place for travelers seeking a more immersive and interactive coliving experience.

Dallas I Feb 2022 5.00

Great staff! Great meals - free breakfast and all you can eat dinner for 10€. We had a private room for 4. Super clean, huge bathroom, excellent coliving space with fast wi-fi, totally great!

Jeremy H Feb 2022 5.00

A great coliving place to stay and positive impact.

Marta F Nov 2021 5.00

Great idea and concept

Fernando M Nov 2021 5.00

Everything was Ok!. Highly recommend.

Justin C Sep 2021 5.00

Great food, amazing staff, and sustainable!
I ended up staying more because of the great food, great staff, perfect coliving areas, and its sustainability. The food is great in terms of having normal, vegan, and mixed options, as well as having delicious taste in general. There is also soup and dessert along with it, and the portion sizes are good.
The staff was really friendly and welcoming. The service was just great.
I think that this place is also really good because of its mission of sustainability and circularity. There is book sharing, cigarette waste containers where mushrooms eat the waste, sold zero-waste items, etc. It is a one-of-a-kind experience.
One note however is that the bunk bed can be quite squeaky and several movements can make the bed move so perhaps take the lower bunk. Also, this location is far from the city center if you take public transport. It is better to take an Uber to go and leave the place to the city center.

Tess C Sep 2021 5.00

What a lovely coliving place. Super friendly staff. The rooms, bathrooms, and common spaces (dining, outside area) were all very clean. The free breakfast was good, but the €10 dinner was what really brought it home; absolutely delicious and a very generous portion of food. It's in a nice location, and the garden with the pool was wonderful. Would absolutely stay here again if I get the chance.

mariana M Sep 2021 5.00

The place is a lovely corner in Lisbon, with a warm and relaxed atmosphere, super welcoming staff, fantastic coliving area, and a strong sustainability mission accomplished with a few initiatives around the house. The food is simply incredible and many veggie options. Recommend it!!!

Alexis C Sep 2021 5.00

This place is one of a kind in Lisbon area, with a great option to spend the afternoon away from the crowded beaches. Perfect for families, solo travelers, friends, and green lovers, the atmosphere is really friendly and warm.
There are lots of ways to have an impact while participating in dedicated weeks programs while staying at it (submarine protection, coastal practices prevention, etc). For one afternoon, or a week, this place is truly unique!

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