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LivingQ provides both: private and shared rooms and suites; and, furnished and unfurnished bedrooms where convenience and value go hand-in-hand with comfort and community.

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Mariela B. Aug 2020 5.00

I don’t support money hungry businesses that kick out people (including elderly) our of their homes just to make a buck. Plus they listed this place as Boyle Heights when it’s Lincoln Heights. Do you even know where you’re located, or are you lying to the people you’re targeting because they don’t know better?

Emmarie D. Nov 2019 5.00

great community! They hold great events and workshops that are educational and fun. It's great to have a community to come home to. Just sayin....

Kevin Nov 2019 5.00

I have had a great experience there. The company culture is truly something unique. With online interaction becoming more prevalent, the co-living experience is something that is filling the much need human space.

Sagiv R. Nov 2019 5.00

This is a unique coliving communities in Western US. It is about living local, and connecting global. The people are amazing collective of individuals that are helping each others accomplish their dreams, create special shared experiences and connect to their local community.

Yifat S. Nov 2019 5.00

This coliving is so much more than a place to live. Part of my roll is to create fun events ,spacial workshops and educational webinars. Co-living is the future!!

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