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Price from $1,354 to $2,392 / month
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Noiascape is a modern infrastructure for urban renting. A new approach committed to creating alternate ways to live & work in cities.We believe that living in cities is a social experience established by meeting and interacting with people. So we’re creating a network of spaces across the city that can be accessed by a Noiscape ‘Community’.

That community means people like you. Living and working in the places we’ve produced means you have access to a variety of our shared spaces that we’ll be creating around London. From gardens to studies, living spaces to libraries.

When you live in a Noiascape building you are connected to something bigger and more social that stretches beyond your front door.

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Bjoern R. Sep 2021

High Street House represents a fantastic coliving community of mostly young professionals in a great part of town. The operators are incredibly organized and generous. I felt welcomed and even now feel part of the HSH community (as I will be attending upcoming events in the common space). This space is ideal for those with an interest in quilty residential architecture.