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During a family trip, just after confinement, when we were wondering how to give more meaning to our activities, we decided to transform our large guest house into a meeting place for people wanting to achieve projects.

The concept of coliving, known to traveling children, naturally emerged and mobilized the whole family. A year and a half later, we are there and the Terrasses de Saubissan give way to Pyren'Escape, the first rural co-living in the French Pyrenees

your place of residence,
in the heart of the Pyrenees
Pyren'Escape is a unique experience to connect with others, and reconnect with yourself.
Access to a rich, intense and meaningful life, shared with a benevolent community of free and creative spirits, in the heart of the Pyrenees mountains.
Whether for a teleworking stay in the mountains, a vacation, or the organization of an internship or seminar, discover this atypical place with 1001 possibilities

Who are we? Formerly Les Terrasses de Saubissan, Pyren'Escape is an old farm, located in the heart of the Pyrenees, where the mountains are the highest.

When we acquired it in 2005, our family unit, made up of Clairie, Vincent and their two children, Babou and Yaël, was not specifically intended to provide care.

We learned around a guest house, for almost 20 years, run by Vincent, while Clairie devoted herself to architecture, that Babou left to travel the world as a great athlete and that Yaël grew up quietly.

And then came the covid crisis, and the questions that followed. The parents were heading towards the end of their professional careers while the children were at the beginning, and we took the time to reflect on the future of this very large farm, and the wishes of each member of the family.

Vincent and Clairie wanted to continue to receive by extracting themselves from the monotonous rhythm of the holidays and by giving more meaning to the welcome, Babou and Yaël wanted to continue their life as digital independents.

As soon as the confinement ended, the whole family went on a roadtrip for a while to think about the path to follow.

This is how the idea of a coliving was born. We had a corner of paradise in a preserved region and we wanted to be able to share it with people who take their time. The link was all found between the parents, in love with their territory (but who like to leave) and the children, ultra connected to the world (but who like to come back).

So, as we like challenges and because, on this one, everyone could find their place, we created the first rural co-living in the French Pyrenees.

Clairie and Vincent are the head and legs of the place. Clairie designs the plans, directs the work; Vincent manages reservations, welcomes, maintains and assumes the role of community manager.

Babou and Yaël are the social managers, thanks to their web and social network skills. They ensure the visibility of the place, even if they do not disdain coming to recharge their batteries there regularly.

Here we go for a new adventure that makes sense, and we really hope that you will want to join our community and enjoy a magical place. We are waiting for you!

Pyren'escape's latest reviews

Ullas M Jul 2024 5.00

I spent a month here and honestly can't think of one thing that I would have wanted to change. Stunning views from the house, welcoming locals who always have the time to stop and chat, it was perfect. The hosts, Vincent and Clairie, were ever so hospitable and curated so many lovely experiences for us. The icing on the cake was the wonderful community of colivers that I found there. If you're a digital nomad, this is your place. Go hiking, play watersports, enjoy local markets, village festivals, and family dinners, while also staying productive at work.

Aleksandra G Jul 2024 5.00

I’ve had the best experience here. The house and the territory are huge and very well equipped for both staying and working. The views are amazing, and the place offers a lot of local entertainment like hikes, cycling, rafting, local markets, and bars. The best part is the people I’ve met here—including the hosts and fellow colivers. Thanks so much to Clairie and Vincent for being such friendly and welcoming hosts!

Andrea S Jun 2024 5.00

My experience here was amazing. The house has nice areas to focus on work and offers incredible views. You can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities and meet incredible people 🥰❤️. For sure, I will come back. Thanks to the family for making me feel at home.

Guillaume L Jun 2024 5.00

I had the opportunity to co-organize a coliving experience here, and it was extraordinary! Vincent, Clery, Yaël, and Seb were exceptional hosts!

The coworking spaces are well-equipped and versatile! Our small group of six people had plenty of room. The bedrooms are spacious, and all the common areas are perfect for hosting and enjoying good times together!

If you're looking for a place to work peacefully during the day, connect with people, have your privacy, all in an exceptional setting in the middle of the Pyrenees, I highly recommend this place!

It was truly a unique, human, and professional experience! Mountains, hiking, a lake, picnics, fiber internet, shared rooms, private rooms, an apartment, barbecues, ping-pong, wonderful encounters...

Honestly, everything you need for a great time is here! Plus, it's very easily accessible in terms of transportation.

Looking forward to coming back 😁

Jean-Adrien M Jun 2024 5.00

I had a fantastic stay here. The concept of coliving is seamlessly designed to allow you to share moments with other people, both locals and internationals. Nestled in the heart of the Pyrenees and at the foot of the mountains, it's the perfect place for a total digital detox, reconnecting with nature, working with great facilities, or indulging in sports like hiking, trail running, and cycling. I highly recommend it!

Laura Jun 2024 5.00

I spent a wonderful month here. It's a vibrant coliving space with an amazing location and incredible views. The local markets are fantastic, the hiking trails are right nearby, and there are several small lakes less than 10 minutes away.

The family who manages the place is wonderful, and I felt right at home. The house itself is great; I tried several rooms, all with breathtaking views, and they are all extremely cozy and pleasant.

I highly recommend this coliving space, and I plan to return very soon!

Vinicius C May 2024 5.00

The family is very friendly and great hosts. All the activities were designed to help us connect with one another, and the surrounding nature truly enhances the experience. I'm so glad for the people I met and how comfortable my stay was!

Foundation U May 2024 5.00

I spent a month here in May - what a special place! The scenery is breathtaking, the house is comfortable, and I met truly wonderful people. If you’re wondering whether to go, please don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it!

Claire C May 2024 5.00

The hosts are wonderful people with great experiences to share and attract equally awesome colivers. The place is like a true cocoon, with comfortable and warm indoor spaces perfect for socializing, while still offering everyone their own space and splendid outdoor areas.

In addition to the breathtaking view of the mountains from the house, the hiking opportunities are endless thanks to its location. The valley is very dynamic, with plenty of cultural offerings, and Spain is not far away. Bars and shops are accessible by bike or even on foot.

In short, treat yourself to paradise!

victor M May 2024 5.00

My stay here was magnificent. For a month, I had the chance to share experiences and life with the host family and other colivers. The surroundings and the house itself were incredible! There was so much space everywhere. If I needed to work, two different areas were available to hold meetings and focus on tasks. And whenever I wanted to chill, the garden and open spaces were stunning, with gorgeous views of the valley.

I'm pretty sure I'll be coming back to Saubissan as soon as possible to enjoy the people and energy again.

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