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Serenity Lodge

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Price from $450 to $500 / month

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About Serenity Lodge

Serenity Lodge is the first place with the co-living concept in South Sinai and even all Egypt. Here we hope to welcome you to our serene guest-house, which focuses on the simplicity of life; relaxation, community & appreciating nature. Come enter our paradise & enjoy a complementary authentic Egyptian breakfast. Snorkel/dive in the most magnificent reef in South Sinai. Then relax besides our private sea view pool, whilst you grab lunch on site. Our comfy clubhouse is perfect for digital nomads with free Wi-Fi, a variety of seating and desk options, plus plenty of plugs. For a co-working space what is more perfect than working by sea. We also offer a wide variety of exhilarating activities for you to enjoy on your free days.

Serenity Lodge's latest reviews

Алексей А Jan 2024 4.00

I found the place pretty neat even if, like many locations in Egypt, it's not spotless, but the staff is doing their best. It's a great spot for a morning run with a promenade and beaches that have easy access. It seems quite nice for some relaxation, though if you want to party, you'll need to head into the city center or to Soho. The vibe here is chill, and the pace definitely seems slower compared to the hustle and bustle of those other areas. I've stayed here for a month, and it offered me a good balance between some tranquil downtime and the opportunity to venture out when I'm in the mood for more excitement.

Mohamed G Aug 2023 5.00

I recently had the pleasure of staying at this coliving space and it was absolutely wonderful for relaxation and enjoying my vacation. It's a peaceful place with a prime location right in front of the sea. Everyone here, without exception, is sweet as honey, contributing to a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The rooms were incredibly clean and the furnishings were just as spotless. There's a beautiful library at the reception area which is perfect for some quiet reading time. The music playing throughout was soft and pleasant, adding to the overall serene vibe.

The internet was good, available everywhere on the premises, and free of charge. There is a unique charm to this place that makes it particularly fitting for people who love tranquility and the ocean. While it might not be as suitable for children because they usually need space to play and be lively, calm children would likely enjoy the seaside and the kind treatment from everyone here, which, in my opinion, is the best thing about this place.

Mahmoud A Jun 2023 5.00

I stayed here for a month and had an amazing experience. The facilities were top-notch, and the community vibe made me feel right at home. Everyone was welcoming and the events organized by the host made it easy to meet new people. Highly recommend this coliving space for anyone looking for a comfortable and social living arrangement.

Gal4enok G May 2023 5.00

I enjoyed my time at this coliving space, which was incredibly close to the sea. The water was warm, the corals were nearby, and there was hardly any wind at all. It made for a peaceful and comfortable stay.

Joe S Apr 2022 5.00

A nice coliving place with an amazing view. Very relaxing and very nice staff. It is near Soho square within walking distance and next to nice cafes on the beach. I recommend it to anyone going to Sharm.

Yifat G Mar 2022 1.00

1. Promised we’ll get breakfast Togo (8 am) and in real-time not even coffee.
2. All the area is a building site, no way to get into the sea water.
3. The kitchen there serves only meat, not a single light meal option.
4. Loud music, mosquitoes, you just can’t sit outside in front of the beach.
5. Barely working Wi-Fi.

Hasnain M Feb 2022 5.00

Calm coliving place with sea view and swimming pool. Very friendly and helping staff. They arrange (almost) everything and anything you need during your stay.

meytal M Dec 2021 5.00

Nice people, peaceful place, great coliving with comfortable rooms.

Mohamed I Dec 2021 5.00

It's a very peaceful coliving place

Rocio J Nov 2021 5.00

Amazing host who helps us with everything!
Rooms super clean, awesome coliving space, wonderful sea view, and promise you, the reef just in front is the best place in all sharm el Sheikh area.
Take a snorkel gear, and do snorkel.
Just take into account that this place is not in “the center” of sharm, but if you do dives o excursions they pick you up from it.
Breakfast is also good and for the price that we paid, I cannot be happier.
Thanks a lot! We will come back!

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