The Tomorrow Building
The Tomorrow Building

The Tomorrow Building

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4.9 (45)

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Located in the Innovation District of Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Tomorrow Building is the first coliving residence in the southeast!

This historic building (built-in 1888) is in the heart of downtown where nearby developments include the newly renovated Miller Park, improved walkability, and plenty of retail establishments. One of only a few cities to have a designated innovation district, this 140-acre radius is made up of businesses, organizations, and nonprofits that appeal to the city's entrepreneurs, creatives, civil servants and professionals.

The Tomorrow Building's latest reviews

Michael R. Nov 2021 5.00

I love this building. I stayed for a few months and had a great experience. The community activities are a greta perk for someone who does not know anyone in the city, or know the area. The rooms were fully furnished and just beautiful. The design of the building is warm and friendly. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for an inviting place to live with many amenities.

Mariel B. Nov 2021 5.00

Love these apartments so much. It's difficult to find an apartment where all extra bills are included. Even EPB wifi is included. Plus the apartments and furniture look straight out of a magazine. As a minimalist, I don't need a lot of space and don't want to acquire too many possessions. This place is perfect for my lifestyle.

Lori S. Nov 2021 3.00

There are some nice things about this place - its convenience, short-term lease options and partially furnished units. The community manager is fantastic. The shared items one pays for are often unavailable or in unusable condition due to the carelessness of other tenants.

J E. Nov 2021 5.00

Friendly, knowledgeable staff! Awesome juices and lattes to give you a healthy boost for the day

Courtney S. Nov 2021 5.00

Loved stopping into this convenient location in Miller Plaza! It really is one of the only healthy options downtown for a quick grab and go lunch. They have delicious juice, smoothies, food, treats, and even acai bowls! All their products are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and raw so I feel really great about what I get there. Plus, their staff is very friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable and treat me like family. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone in Chattanooga!

Rebecca F. Oct 2021 5.00

Amazing coliving location, fantastic raw foods and a very knowledgeable fte staff! Love this place!

Todd M. Oct 2021 4.00

As long as you have enough bankroll to drop $12 on a 16-ounce smoothie, the quality is top-notch. I'd like to see it at a better price point, however, even at this quality level. Also they seem to be confused about the spelling of their own business name. Sometimes they list it as "Squeeze" and other times they list it as "Squeeze" on printed materials and online.

Lucas S. Oct 2021 5.00

I moved into this building the past month and I love how close it is to everything in town! There is a great burger place right downstairs and a number of grocery stores located very close to the complex. I can't recommend this place enough to people looking to move to Chattanooga or just visit if you need a nice place to crash for a couple days.

Navid A. Oct 2021 5.00

I am have been living in this coliving building and I enjoyed it lot. Although I am new here, I really enjoyed the vibe in the community. Jake is the coolest building manager you ever seen. Very clean and modern building. The maintenance service is also great and very prompt.

Natasha R. Sep 2021 5.00

The best place on the planet earth for food conscious vegan or a healthy eater. I lovvvvvvvvvvvvve this place. The workers are angels and the atmosphere is artistic clean and modern! YOU HAVE GOT TO EAT HERE!!!

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