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Urban Campus is revolutionizing the way we live and work together by designing and operating community-centric spaces in coworking and coliving formats. We empower our members so they reach their full potential and animate the community through services, activities and events.

Urban Campus's latest reviews

RAQUEL A. Oct 2020

People without respect for their neighbors, they only care about their parties. I do not recommend it at all

Onur Ş. Jul 2020

It's really a good option for expats for their onboarding process. Everything is ready from the first day in your room plus out of your room like a coworking area, gym and terrace.

Ana B. Jun 2020

An incredible place to live and create synergies with people from all over the world. This is a young and dynamic community where I have been living for practically 1 year and where I hope to return in the future.

Fernando G. Jun 2020

One of the best options to live in Madrid. Easy, nice and with the best friends one can find.

Teresa V. Sep 2019

I love thinking about my experience at this place, based on 3 words:
#Creativity: it's great to live with other people who are curious, eager to learn and be better! and without a doubt in Mellado you always find inspiration to create! They also organize all kinds of events where you can learn, for example, about slow pastry, public speaking, or olfactory marketing, which are some I've been to ... and Creative Campus, sessions where we generate synergies and give ideas to this place to improve our experience.
#Community: I am fascinated by the idea of ​​creating community and connecting with people in an environment drawn by diversity. It's great, for example, to go up to co-working and always find someone to have an interesting conversation with or during community dinners two Mondays a month.
#Disruptive: I'm excited to train part of a disruptive and dreamy project in which a new way of living in cities is designed. It fascinates me that it is formulated with the essence of the thought of the classics and understanding the needs of a future that is already present. And if this is not enough, I adore the flexibility, location, the interior design that makes you feel great and an all-in-one service, (yes !, Netflix and fitness room included !. Thank you very much to Alana, to the Jorges, Sylvain, Ana, Domingo and Marta for making me feel at home and part of the community! :).

Hélène P. Sep 2019

I was in the coliving for an event and I flipped !! Very cozy, super atmosphere, I will recommend it without any doubt!

Sabrina G. Sep 2019

I have had a great experience living at this place! Living here has allowed me to generate community, meet different, entrepreneurial and inspiring people who have helped me in this new stage of my life. Without a doubt it was the right choice. On the other hand, the facilities are incredible! All very well thought out and designed, taking into account design and functionality. And the team is always at your service to solve any problem that may arise. The common areas are the best, you can enjoy the facilities and at the same time generate links with other members. I recommend it for those who want to generate community, learn about different experiences and enrich themselves with them.

David F. Sep 2019

I have made many friends living there. I think it's great to be able to meet so many people and at the same time be in such modern and beautiful facilities in the heart of the capital. I'm going to continue living there for several months for sure.

Sergio I. Sep 2019

I went to pay a visit and each room surprised me more, exquisite decoration. There is a good atmosphere, lucky to be able to live in such a place.

Sophie R. Sep 2019

Great experience in this coliving! I met super nice and inspiring people :) thanks