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A technology company with a mission to help people live better.
We know how a person's quality of life can change radically according to where they live in São Paulo.
We believe that everyone should be able to walk on the street at night close to home, without having to spend hours in traffic. Even if there is a thunderstorm in the afternoon or there is a problem in the marginal, just be sure that you will come home well.

Living in São Paulo can be incredible
But we know that living in São Paulo is expensive and living in the best neighborhoods ends up being for a few.
Those who risk (and can find people) sharing an apartment to live in a better neighborhood, end up living in old apartments, detonated, with little infrastructure, on top of super-expensive condos.
We at Yuca want to provide services so that more people can also feel it. Join our waiting list and open the door to the new one.